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Getting the perfect website to watch anime online is usually a headache, especially if you want a quick site with the new releases of the season. The anime has become an international success that attracts millions of followers, from different parts of the world. Currently, the list of available anime is huge and many people want to be up to date with the new series, so we bring you a list of websites where you can watch anime online.

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There are thousands of websites that offer a long anime list available to watch online, but they are generally separated into two categories: free and paid, each with its advantages and disadvantages. Free websites have the advantage of offering many animes available to view at any time, from anywhere, but as any website should be maintained, they usually use advertising as a means to profit. Generally, advertising can be ignored, but there are sites whose ads are so aggressive that they can be unsafe for your PC since they download viruses or fill your operating system with malware.

Usually, on paid websites, there is no such aggressiveness in your ads. Some offer memberships without any ads on the web for a fee, making it the safest option to watch anime. However, not everyone has to pay the amount of money requested and not all payment sites have all the recent animes available.

However, today we bring you a list of the best sites to watch anime, free and paid, so you can choose the one you like best.


9anime is one of the best places to get high quality anime online and dubbed into English. This makes it a favorite place of many, since getting anime dubbed into English is a somewhat difficult task. Another advantage is that with the help of a third party program, you can download the full seasons of your favorite anime and see it without the need to be connected to the internet. Free Website.


GogoAnime offers a wide variety of anime genres, so it became very popular very quickly among the available websites. Here you can watch without problem most of the anime of the season and at no cost.


KissAnime is a website that offers a large number of series available to view online for free. It’s fast and it’s available from anywhere. To deal with the ads that constantly appear on the page, an extension for Google Chrome called Essentials for KissAnime created, which improves the user experience when viewing anime. The disadvantage of this site is that it is not compatible with many ad blockers available for other browsers, so if you have something other than Chrome, you should check if you can use the website.


Anime Season offers an anime rating system in its anime list which you can see which series is the fan favorite currently, making it easier to search for new anime to watch. This is another free website that offers high availability of series.


Anime Freak is a little below its competitors due to the large number of ads that the page uses, but thanks to the fact that it offers some free animes that others offer behind some payment, it makes its content not easy to ignore. If there is an anime that you cannot see online in other sites, look for it in Anime Freak, you may find it.

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With Crunchyroll we start with paid websites. Crunchyroll offers a large amount of anime available after paying a monthly subscription. One of the most known and used by those who have the money available.


Another paid website, available worldwide. This website offers not only anime series, but also movies, some hard to find elsewhere. The available membership offers all the content available in English dub.


Hulu is a paid anime streaming service available only to the United States and Japan. Includes anime series, movies, and other services. Currently, not available outside the two mentioned countries. If you want to use it from any other part of the world, you can use a VPN service to watch your anime online.

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