Marijuana in Canada

Weed is actually a frowned upon substance and considered to have deteriorating effects upon the physical, emotional, and cognitive health of humans. At the same time, its significance in the medical industry cannot be ignored. This significance and hazardous effects at the same time make it a big challenge for countries and governments to regulate the sale of weed.

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Marijuana used for medical purposes and widely accepted in the medical sector. The big question that arises in the minds of most Canadian citizens is that “Is weed legal in Canada?” The Canada Marijuana laws are rapidly changing and evolving which makes it difficult for Canadian citizens to know about Canada Marijuana Legalization. The article attempts to help us establish an understanding of the legalization of weed in Canada and Canada’s Marijuana legislation. Some people might find it surprising that Canada was actually the first country to legalize the sale of Marijuana in 2001 for medical purposes.

MMAR (Marijuana Medical Access Regulation)

But later it declared unconstitutional to buy and sell weed. Today, Marijuana in Canada still illegal and cannot be bought or sold for recreational purposes. The MMAR (Marijuana Medical Access Regulation) enacted in 2001 and it allowed patients to access Marijuana in Canada for medical use. The legalization of Marijuana in Canada is a multifold process which is still going through the government’s mechanics. The legal status of weed in Canada got doubtful and vague because the patients were allowed to obtain single strands of weed from the government’s supplier and they were also allowed to grow their own weed.

This created stratification in the health sector because not every patient allowed to grow weed and not all of them granted convenient access to Medical Marijuana in Canada. Therefore the provision of marijuana declared illegal in Canada. The Marijuana Medical Access Regulation thus revoked and replaced by MMPR (Marijuana for Medical Purposes Regulation).

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Weed Legal in Canada

The MMPR was one step forward in the process of Canada’s Marijuana legalization and regulation. On April 1, 2014, MMPR (Marijuana for Medical Purposes Regulation) enacted which provided patients with the privilege to access dried Marijuana through a medical prescription from a registered medical practitioner in Canada. This new regulation MMPR ensured that no patients allowed to grow Marijuana and hence, it was a step forward in the regulation of Marijuana in Canada. Although MMPR a futuristic decision towards the legalization of weed in Canada, yet it lacked true effectiveness.

MMPR (Marijuana for Medical Purposes Regulation) replaced by ACMPR (Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulation) on August 24, 2016. The new regulation planned, designed, and executed to satisfy the Supreme Court’s concerns over the access to Marijuana in Canada. This regulation attempts to address the issues related to access to Marijuana for medical purposes. The legislative body designed this new regulation in order to satisfy patients’ needs for medical marijuana in Canada and its regulation at the same time. ACMPR ensures that only the needed amount of weed grown under prescribed limits and regulated by licensed producers.

Legalization of Marijuana in Canada

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Is weed legal in Canada? No. The first question that arises in our mind when we hear about Marijuana in Canada is answered that weed is not legal in Canada as yet. The second question that arises here is that, “When will weed be legal in Canada?” Some stakeholders and individuals might argue here that Canada borrows its approach towards weed from the regulation of drinking in Canada.

I believe that the approach towards regulation and legalization of Marijuana in Canada should be stricter than the regulation of tobacco and cigarettes etc. but softer than the regulation of drinking. Marijuana in Canada has a significant role in the medicine industry whereas alcohol is only deteriorating to health and of zero significance for the medical sector. Some individuals might disagree with me here but let’s agree to disagree.

Future of Recreational Legalization of Weed in Canada

On the course of the legalization of weed in Canada, the Cannabis act (2018) is a step forward towards the recreational legalization of Marijuana in Canada. The Cannabis Act (2018) proposed for discussion in the Canadian Parliament on April 13, 2017. The Act aims to strictly regulate the production, distribution, and consumption of weed across Canada.

The Cannabis Act placed higher on the evolution pyramid of Canada’s Marijuana regulation laws. The holistic framework designed to ensure reduced access of youth and teenagers to weed, protection of public health through quality-controlled production, facilitation of the criminal justice system and to provide adults with the opportunity to access controlled and legal Marijuana in Canada.

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Marijuana Seeds

The Government of Canada intended to bring the proposed Cannabis act (2018) in to force in July 2018 but according to the latest statement from Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, The legalization of Weed in Canada can wait until next summer. It infers at the fact that the provinces and government need more time to get themselves prepared for the legalization of weed in Canada. At the same time, the latest statement proves the willingness of the Canadian government for the legalization of Marijuana in Canada.

The question, “When will weed legal in Canada” answered now. We now know that the legalization of weed in Canada is actually going to become a reality and that the Cannabis Act (2018) can come in to force any time around the next summer. This should duly note that the Canadian government’s willingness and planning towards the legalization of recreational marijuana is a serious effort towards the reduction of criminal inclination and illegal and non-regulated use of Marijuana in Canada. If the government does not legalize it, criminal tendencies will continue to grow. With the legalization of weed in Canada, criminal tendencies will see a considerable fall, and adults will be able to access quality controlled and legal Marijuana.

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