IMEI tracker and Tracking your mobile location through IMEI(International Mobile Equipment Identity)

Are you worried about the safety of your mobile gadget? Do you want to track your lost phone because it has your private data? Are you in search of a method to track your phone? With the development of information technology, the mobile phone has become part and parcel of our daily life. We use it to call our friends, relatives, and colleagues. There are contacts of our related persons saved. We have text messages and other content.

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Moreover, we have our private pictures, videos, and sensitive files saved on our mobile phone. We have essential passwords saved in our mobile. Our mobile banking apps, our PayPal, and other critical financial applications installed in it. We cannot let this data go in the wrong hands and cannot afford its misuse.

We face this situation in our life. When we see the mobile theft of our friends, mobile phone and we know their worries about it. It is an important issue, and we know the consequences of misuse of our mobile phone. If you have faced such a situation in your life, then this article is just for you. In this article, I shall tell you about the method of tracking your mobile via your device idea number. You may track your mobile if you do it according to these instructions.

Device IMEI

First of all, you must know about IMEI, if you don’t know about it before. There is a unique number written behind your mobile battery. When you buy a new portable set, you should write down this number. It is your device IMEI number. You may also see you get your mobile IMEI number through a single command. You should note it down and keep it safe. When your mobile by chance stolen, you may track your mobile through this unique IMEI number. Imei the acronym of international mobile equipment identity. It does not change with the change of sim. Sim number is different, but the IMEI number is never changed.

If you have lost your phone or stolen, you should immediately contact your service provider and ask him to block that IMEI number. Then your mobile is blocked, and it cannot access any other network in that country. You will be surprised to know that IMEI blocking will prevent your data from being accessed by anyone who has stolen your mobile. It will be useless for him.

IMEI tracker

There are different tools that police use for tracking the movement and whereabouts of a mobile device. These are known as IMSI catchers or Stingrays. These tools intercept mobile phone communications. It includes their IMSI and IMEI codes. These catchers track the location of mobile users exactly and tell about the whereabouts of a criminal and spies. Criminals also use such tools for their heinous objectives. You may also set up your tracker, but before doing so, you must assess the ethical and legal context. In this way, you may be interfering the privacy of others for which you are not allowed.

imei tracker
imei tracker

Tracking your mobile phone

You lost your mobile device and want to lock its data. You don’t need IMEI to do so. If your mobile is stolen, you need to contact your local police for its recovery. You also contact your service provider to block this device. By doing so, the phone cannot make calls and access your data. You may log out of your Apple or Google device and save your data. Logging out of equipment is necessary for protecting your accounts going into the wrong hands. You can use other tools from Google and apple to find its location. You do so if you don’t know where your phone is. There are tools on Google and Apple for this purpose; in this case, you don’t need your IMEI. In this situation should have set up your cloud account

If you’re not sure where the phone is, you can use tools from Apple or Google to find it. You don’t need to have the IMEI or the IMSI, but you do need a cloud account for your

Operating system. Apple has the option of tracking your mobile device called “Find my iPhone’ and Google has “Find my Device. Buttons.

Cell phone tracking Apps

There are different applications for tracking your mobile phone online. These apps keep you aware of activities about your device and accounts. These apps are network-based, handset-based, and sim based. These applications can work on wife and other networks. These apps use radio signals for tracking your device location. There are dozens of such apps.

The methods mentioned above used for tracking your mobile if stolen. You should, in no way, use these tools for unethical and illegal purposes.

cell phone tracking app
cell phone tracking app

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