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A mobile tracker free online is of great help for parents today thanks to the evil effects of Internet technologies and the attending consequences. Parents are wary of children’s security when they are away from home at school. Today, children can access the Internet at any time they wish using ultramodern smartphones and similar other gadgets. All this poses a challenge for parents as well as all other stakeholders interested in bringing up children in a meaningful way.

The Hoverwatch spy mate for parents 

In this context, it’s important to note that today, there are so many mobile tracking apps that could help parents protect and guide against evil online.

The Hoverwatch mobile tracker free online is a simple, easy-to-use and free app that helps parents ease the tension and anxiety because kids are away from home. This is because the Hoverwatch spy app with its many free features enables parents to keep a watchful eye on children in real-time.

A to Z monitoring with mobile tracker free online

Today, each parent needs a mobile tracker free online thanks to the advancement in technologies and increased complexity that has come up in its wake. There are many free smartphone spying apps. Such apps have a comprehensive set of features that make parents’ job easy and simple.

Parents just need to download the app into children’s smartphones and start monitoring children on a real-time basis. The apps can let parents know what they are doing online, who they called, who they sent email to and more. Thus, these apps enable parents to monitor children and control their behavior online. This is likely to avoid potential dangers.

The convenience of operation

A mobile tracker free online brings the utmost convenience to parents without having to worry about the potential cause of the problem. It is easy to use. For this, you need to create an account with the official website and download the app from Google’s Play Store and start using after following a few simple and easy-to-understand guidelines.

Thus, if you take the example of Hoverwatch, the app comes with a very simple build and is convenient. Parents can use it in the comfort of their homes and monitor and stay informed about kids’ activities when they’re away.

What are the main features of the application that will be useful to parents?

Hoverwatch cell phone spyware has diverse features that help parents protect children from all the potential abuse by cybercriminals. You can use the Hoverwatch app any version of Android, Windows, and Mac. The advantage of the Hoverwatch mobile tracker free online is that it is in stealth mode and the target device user stays oblivious of it. The main features of the app are as follows:

Monitoring phone calls

Hoverwatch cell phone spy app tracks, records calls. It also stores all the calls’ history – time, day, date, duration of the call. All this helps you decide whether it is right to block any of the numbers.


Message text monitoring

Hoverwatch can view emails, SMS, and images, etc. as part of a message. This helps you decide how appropriate the content that was sent.

Monitoring activity on social media networks

Parents can track the date, time, etc. of text messages and the files shared on social media network sites such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat and Viber. The pattern of content shared can tell the quality of the activities that your child is indulging in. You can act accordingly.


Internet browsing history tracking

Hoverwatch’s phone history tracking feature saves the URLs of websites visited by the child other particulars such as duration of stay, day and date. By doing this, parents can decide whether children are visiting quality websites and act accordingly.

Locate the cell phone

Hoverwatch software can enable parents to know the exact location of their kids’ cell phones. This is possible thanks to Hoverwatch’s integration of technologies in Wi-Fi, GSM, and GPS.


Keystroke storing

The keystroke logging feature of the app store all the messages, etc, types on a Windows or Mac. keyboard. The keylogger stores all keystrokes and saves the information even if the original message is not available.

Monitoring contacts

Hoverwatch enables parents to see and address books, contact lists, to-do lists, etc. On Windows, you can also see and read the contents of the clipboard. This feature shows critical information. The information is stored as notes and contact information.

Detection of SIM card change

Hoverwatch app can sense a change in the SIM card. This enables you to know whether the device was made a malfunction. You get alert about the change of sim in the device. This feature is useful in case the device stolen or lost.


Hoverwatch takes screenshots frequently. This app can be valuable information about the activity the device under surveillance used for. It uses the front camera on the phone to take a photograph when an intruder unlocks the screen.

What do you need to know to install the application on your phone?

Installing Hoverwatch is pretty easy. You need to visit the official website, log in to the site and download and install following the relevant guidelines.

It’s important to note that, to install the app on the target device, you must have it physically. Or, you cannot install it.

On the other hand, if you wish to uninstall it, it’s easy. You can do it from your service panel.

Conclusions and results

Hoverwatch is one of the best mobile tracker free online apps with its multiple useful features. It’s useful for parents, business persons, and other groups who necessitate to keep others’ mobile under surveillance. However, in terms of technical support, it might be not that great. In the event the app developed issues, technical support takes a long time to come forward to offer support.

On the other hand, it’s an excellent app for tracking cell phones. It’s important to take precautions if you’re planning to use it for your teenage children or employees. As for employers, you should take the guidelines given by the State or Federal government. Take professional guidance if required. On the whole, Hoverwatch is a mobile tracker free online that is simple, easy to use and affordable.




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