google drive to access ms office products

MS Excel files can be opened on your mobile phone without loss of data. Opening excels files does not cause loss of files. It, however, ensures 100% recovery of your data if the right excel file opening app is used. In this article, we are going to discuss how to use google sheet for opening MS excel files. Most times this app has to be downloaded from google play store first. Hence, it is not a ready-made app that you can find on your app menu.

Ms excel sheet
Ms excel sheet

What does Google Sheet means?

Google sheet is a spreadsheet software app that is use for data analysis. Most times it is incorporated into google drives alongside google docs. This sheet is linked to the users email account. With this, there is nothing like file lost as it is secured with google. If it happens that phone is lost or phone is changed, you can easily download the file once you have the details of your email.

Step by step procedure on how you can open your MS Excel XLSX files;

1. Using Sheets

  1. You need to download Google Sheet app from your google play store
  2. Go to the XLSX file you want to open using google sheets.
  3. Select the file and a pop would show asking you to pick which app you would love to use to open your file.
  4.  Select the app you want. (Once you have the google sheet app, it is automatically listed).
  5. Now you have your file opened.
  6. To edit, share or export, there is a vertical dotted line at the top right corner of your displayed screen. Click it.
  7. Different options would pop up.
  8. Select the right option.
Download google sheets from play store
Download google sheets from play store

2. Using Google Drives

Google drive is made up of Sheets and google docs. This means that you can easily access your XLSX file using the google sheet through your google drive. It is secure and safe. Google drive is backed up google and so there is no need for panic against loss of data. Below are the procedures for using google drive

  1. Go to your google drive app (It can be found on your app menu)
  2. Select the app
  3. There would be a screen displaying a box for google docs and google sheets
  4. Select google sheets and import your file from the location you have initially saved the XLSX file.
access ms excel files using google drive
access ms excel files using google drive

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