What is True Caller app? Why and how to install it on mobile?

True Caller app is an online application available both on android and ios platform. True Caller app provides its user’s information of an unknown caller if the number is not added in your phonebook basically the name and the location. It is developed by True Software Scandinavia AB. This app is free to use on both platforms. However, you can buy a premium plan for more features. If you want to know how to download the True Caller app? and why you should install it? Then read the content below.

truecaller app google play store

Why download True Caller app?

The main reason to install this app is that it provides you with information about the unknown caller. There are a number of cases of prank and fraud calls that waste your time and money. True Caller helps you in identifying or verifying that is the personnel speaking is ideal or not. With millions of active users worldwide and spam list updated regularly True caller is the only app that makes your communication efficient and safe. Some other feature includes:

  • Smart messaging:
    The true caller offers free to chat with friends and family, automatically verifying unknown messages along with blocking spam and telemarking messages.
  • Efficient dialer:
    The true caller has a powerful dialer. It identifies and shows the Caller ID of the person calling you. Truecaller also allows call recording and auto-saving your important calls. It also backups your call history, contacts, messages and settings to your google drive.
  • TruecallerPay:
    True Caller app also offers UPI payments and recharges. It provides safe, secure and instant money transfer. Truecaller linked with BHIM UPI and the graded security is provided by certain banks. It also offers quick mobile recharges and bill payments.
  • Premium Plan:
    Buying a premium plan allows you to know who had viewed your profile. It gets you a new badge and no pop-up advertisements are shown.


How to install True Caller app?

To download True caller app in your android device, follow the steps:
  1. Open the Play Store in your device.

    google play store

  2. Search for True Caller.

    truecaller app google play store

  3. Click install button and the app gets installed.
install true caller
install true caller
To download True caller app in your ios device, follow the steps:
  1. Open the App store in your device.
  2. Search for True Caller.
  3. Click install button the app gets installed.
After installation follows the steps below to set up True Caller:
  1. After installation, open the True Caller app.
  2. A signup screen will appear. You can fill up the option and sing up with a new account or sign in with Google or Facebook.
    sign in to truecaller
  3. True Caller will now verify your account via a call.
  4. After your number is verified, the home screen of the app will appear.
  5. You can now search for unknown contacts.

    search for unknown contacts on truecaller
    search for unknown contacts on truecaller

True Caller app is the most preferred app when it comes to Caller ID of unknown numbers. You can download and try it now for free.

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