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Statsclearly indicate that LAMP based Wordpress still leads the pack in terms number of websites using a CMS. Still it is worth taking a look at ASP.Net based Content management systems. Some of them are very powerful and efficient as well.

Brief Intro: What is a CMS?

A CMS aka content management system,  is a software application that lets you  create, edit and manage digital content. CMSs also make a very good collaborative system, where multiple users can work on the same digital content along with version controls and online publishing.

Very good examples for a CMS, would be news websites, blogs and e-commerce stores. These sites need to publish content quite often. Also it has to be noted that, CMS end users, mostly editors and content creators, are mostly non-technical.

Here we cover only CMSs that are ASP.NET are based. Let us  go through list of most most popular ASP.NET CMS platforms.

Kentico CMS

kentico CMS
The kenticos CMS

Kentico is a multi-channel platform that has an ASP.NET CMS( .NET MVC based, compatible with Microsoft Windows Azure), E-commerce platform , Online Marketing platform and social networking. It is often classified as a WCMS (Web Content Management System). Over 25,000 websites have Kentico CMS.

CMS Features:

  • A nice MVC Page Builder
  • Create Multilingual Content
  • Editing permissions
  • A nice WYSIWYG editor
  • MVC Form Builder: marketers can create online forms for your MVC website with ease
  • Web Parts: web parts that cover any common scenario – from navigation menus, repeaters, and datalists, to module-specific web parts, such as Forums and Shopping Carts. Every web part is highly customizable in terms of design and behavior.
  • Media Libraries: create multiple media libraries where you can store images, music, video, PDFs, presentations
  • Team Development Module: It has an built “Team Development” module. This  allows teams to work together. Example, developers can lock objects that they are working on so that other developers cannot edit the same object

Get Kentico CMS

Orchard CMS

orchard cms
The orchard cms

Orchard CMS is an open source development and uses the ASP.NET MVC framework along with ASP.NET.  You can get source code from Github and the project has close to 2000 stars at the time of this writing.


  • Media: You can add taxonomies, author and other metadata to your media.
  • Manage multiple sites: One single installation can host multiple sites .
  • Multi-Lingual: Your Content can be translated to any language
  • Module based: Similar to plugins in WordPress, every feature is a module which can be enabled, replaced or disabled.
  • Create workflows: Lets you create content workflow or event-driven workflow.
  • Access Control: Create roles and permissions and assign each user the appropriate role.
  • Revision Control: Enable track changes and you can see history of your content.

You should know that it is available as part of the ASP.NET Open Source Gallery, which comes in control panels of most shared web hosts.

Orchard CMS as a Service: Orchard CMS is also available as an Saas. You may visit for more details.

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Agility CMS

Agility CMS
The Agility CMS

Agility is a SaaS(Software as a Service),  Microsoft Azure powered CMS and also offers Ecommerce, Ticketing System, Point-Of-Sale (POS) and Personalization.  

CMS: Agility has a flexible design and content architecture. And thus you can create and customize a good website that fits your business processes.  If needed, you can also integrate third-party vendors for social networks, file storage etc. And it has a high performance media server and all your images and videos are stored in a web based repository.

Ecommerce: Agility lets you create customizable online estores. The platform  has payment gateways, shipping APIs and CRM. This way you can manage all  Ecommerce properties from one place. Basically the platform has it all. From the purchase process, order creation all the way upto shipment.  You can create personalized content, thus giving a much personalized experience to the user.


Agility has ASP.NET MVC  for backend and for front end, you can use modern javascript frameworks/libraries like React, Angular, Vue.  You can do server-side rendering or Javascript based Single Page Applications (SPA). And Agility provides a REST API to interface with your Content. You can also use it’s .Net SDK as well to connect to content.

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Umbraco CMS

The Umbraco CMS

Umbraco is another open-source CMS platform based on ASP.NET 4.7.2 and  SQL Server as backend.  It stores data as xml within database. Umbraco CMS uses  master pages and this way you can customize page layouts.  It also  includes a client-side layer that is built upon AngularJS and Bootstrap.

Umbraco also has a cloud version available(paid starting at $30 /mon).


  • Best Intuitive Editing – Users can get started fast with very less training. Creating  blog posts or responsive websites is much easier with Umbraco
  • Form Builder: Create contact forms or advanced questionnaires
  • Multi-Lingual: Create your content in one language and Umbraco can make sure the same content is available in other languages of your choice
  • Integrated workflows: Umbraco terms this as “Infinite Editing”.  This feature will make sure you won’t get distracted in your work by keeping track of your context
  • Multi-device Previews:  Before publishing, you can get a preview of
  • how your content will look on multipif needed before publishing
  • Scheduled Publishing: Prepare your digital content ahead of time and then scheduled date and time for publishing
  • Version Control and Tracking: You can always go back to a previous verion of an article.  This version tracking is unlimited

Hosting Requirements:

ASP.NET 4.7.2,IIS 8+, SQL CE, SQL Server 2012 or higher

Ability to set file permissions to include create/read/write (or better) for the user that “owns” the Application Pool for your site (NETWORK SERVICE, typically). InterServer, a leading dot net web host, meets the requirements and it is recommended to use VPS for best performance.

Get Umbraco

EpiServer CMS

The episerver CMS

EpiServer is a Web based content management system basd on ASP.Net platform and got a special mention by Gartner for it’s complete suite of features, ease of use and integrated personalization.  Similar to Kentico , EpiServer is also an “all in one tool”, using which you can manage Digital Content(Episerver CMS), do eCommerce(Episerver Commerce) as well as do  Marketing(Episerver Campaign), all in one screen.

It is important to note that Ektron, another based CMS is now merged with EpiServer.

EpiServer’s CMS has a very nice drag-and-drop content editor  so that editors can quickly create new digital content that is responsive as well. Episerver CMS is ideal for medium to enterprise-level companies. It should be noted that EpiServer can also be used to manage content within an intranet.

Episerver Find: You can add a Enterprise search feature using “Episerver Find”, which is an SaaS Cloud based  Search solution that  can give a powerful search functionality to websites.

Episerver turns each search query  into highly engaging landing pages. It makes use of advanced tagging and faceting technology. It  can also take care of long tail keywords for a large number of automatically generated landing pages.

Developers: You can find all latest developments in :

For developer community, it has an Episerver NuGet feed ==>

Get EpiServer

Sum it up:

So there you go..You have seen the best .NET based Content Management systems. We have more worthy mentions like DotNetDuke(DNN), which we will be adding soon. Till then, if you have more suggestions, why not add in comments below? And don’t forget to share this article 🙂

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