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When the time comes for you to get a new smartphone, it’s not a good idea to just stash the used smartphone into a drawer or disposal bins, there are plenty of places to go to recycle your phone and get cash for it or rather donate it for a worthy cause. There are dozens of websites all over the world to get your phone on a list for purchasing these websites include; Amazon, eBay, eco atm, Trademore, sell, and Sellbroke. However, new phones and well-known manufacturers like Apple and Samsung means more value for your device as they are the most popular brand in the market. There is a value in recycling used smartphones to find out who wants it and how much its worth.

Benefits of selling or recycling used smartphones

Recycling and selling of used smartphones have many advantages to the customer and the environment. These benefits include;

selling recycled smartphones
selling recycled smartphones
  1. The process is very safe and quite easy for the customer. Buyers like Sellbroke have perfected their routine on how to sell used and recycle smartphones over the years they have been on the market.
  2. They provide free shipping for your used smartphone from wherever you are to their location.
  3. It’s fast and time-saving you are ready to ship immediately you submit your order on the website. As soon they receive your shipment the payment is made most websites including Sellbroke pay on the same via PayPal.
  4. These websites are secure and protect every bit of the customer’s personal information. All sold smartphones are normally processed individually to ensure that all customer information has been erased. Most websites like Gazelle work closely with law enforcement to ensure that no phone or any other gadget sold has been reported stolen. The satisfaction of customer needs is important as; this is made sure by ensuring that the quoted prices are close to the market value and not too overbearing on the customers.
  5. Online price quotations are very precise as they reflect the market value even if they are broken they can still fetch a good price at a good website shop such as Sellbroke.
  6. Most importantly, the desire to recycle used smartphones are powered by the mission to protect the environment by reduction of e-waste. We believe in a greener future; reduce, reuse, and recycle. All good parts of the used smartphones are reused and the unusable ones are still recycled in the most possible way. The throwing of used smartphones destroys the environment as they are not biodegradable waste. There are potentially dangerous substances in decaying used smartphones which can cause harm in water systems, these include batteries.

Things a customer should do before selling a used smartphone.

recycling used smartphones
recycling used smartphones
  • Disable the password; if it’s an iPhone deactivate it in your iCloud account.
    1. Go to general settings and erase all content to ensure it’s restored to factory reset.
    2. Make sure your phone isn’t active even after you erase everything if it’s still active contact with your service provider.
    3. Check the smartphone for any physical damage, do that by taking the protective case off.

After you have done this you are now ready to sell your smartphone. All you have to do now is get a quote for the phone model you are looking to sell. You will be paid the quoted price. You then submit the order in the desired website and they will send you a prepaid shipping label to safely send your phone, retain the drop-off receipt and after the phone is received, expect payment for your used smartphone.


smartphone recycle
smartphone recycle

Once the phones are tested and refurbished, they are shipped to countries with a lucrative market. For example; environ for sells its phones in the middle east, Africa and South America. If it’s a particularly high-value smartphone the companies may opt to sell them on eBay to fetch a better price and that’s why you may also want to consider doing it yourself and cutting out the middleman. If the phone turns out to be of low value, the parts are broken down and sold as component parts. And if they are helpful in any way, these companies will dispose of them in an environment-friendly way.


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