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Publishing is traditionally considered as a tiresome and lengthy task. Getting approvals from traditional publishers seemed like a never-ending wait. However, with the development in the publishing industry, there is now an easy of publishing.

prowess Services
prowess Services

Self-publishing model is one such way through which an author can avoid the hassles of publishing. This author-centric model of book publishing has created many new and successful authors.

Prowess Publishing is the author-friendly book publisher in India working on the self-publishing model. Headquartered in Hyderabad, Prowess has been a part of many successful journeys of writers turned into successful authors.

Self-publishing in Prowess Publishing involves end to end publishing solutions. The services include Book Cover Design, EBook Creation, Online Book Distribution, Book Marketing, Author Website Creation and Book Video Trailers.

  • Book Cover Design: A professional book cover is one of the main aspects to make a book look attractive to the readers. A new book cover is the first impression that makes a reader to pick up a particular book from the large gallery of books available online.
    At Prowess, there’s a bunch of enthusiastic professionals who will brainstorm to create a unique cover for your book.
  • EBook Creation: The time is of digitalization. Pages are transformed into webpages. In this need of the hour, getting an eBook is a better way to reach your readers.

  • Online Book Distribution: Online stores are one of the easiest ways of shopping these days. From fashion to grocery, people browse it and order it for doorstep delivery. It is essential for your books to reach the online distribution channels. Readers can share their reviews on the platform and increase the popularity of your books.

At Prowess, international distribution is assured. All the books published by Prowess Publishing are available on large online stores such as Flipkart, Amazon, ebooks2go, Google Play, Google Books, Apple Books, Kobo, Barnes and Noble, Overdrive, etc.

  • Book Marketing: The internet is a vast arena of content. Your content must not be another addition to the crowd of content. It is essential for the right content to reach the right audience, and that is the work of marketing.

For a first time author, it is not easy to create a fan base overnight. When you have a proper book marketing plan, your books reach the potential readers that not only help in the sale of your books, but it also helps in creating the author brand. So, we have introduced a new way of marketing your books by creating an author website and video trailers. These are the latest marketing techniques we recommend to our authors to create a perfect base to jumpstart their careers towards success in a short time.


Author Website: Promoting your book requires a planned approach, consistent effort, and creativity. You need to identify your target audience, select the appropriate platform and invest time. This is easier said than done. You may end up doing many activities but miss a few crucial ones and fail to get desired results. If there is one thing, you should never miss that is creating an author website.

Whether you want to share how you wrote the book, moments of your social life or post blogs regularly, having a place online is a necessity for any entrepreneur in the 21st century. It builds credibility and gives you an opportunity to position yourself in the mind of readers.

Book Video Trailer: For the individuals, who have never known about this idea, think about a book trailer as a video that publicizes your book.

The fact is to push your potential group of readers with a sample of the creative piece that will build up the interest in your book. Overview of the plot; invoking interest; making a buzz- A successful book trailer will do every one of these things with high video quality and outstanding content.

Prowess Publishing is the one-stop destination for an author. With a dedicated publishing manager, an author is guided towards publishing the book. Prowess gives hope to all those talented people who are waiting in the queue to showcase their skill of writing.

There’s no better feeling like holding your book in your hand. So, if you have a passion for writing, Prowess is right beside you.

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