Android automatic call recorder

There are a number of reasons for which you need to record your phone call. Whether the reason may be legal or just preventive measures, it becomes important to record the conversation. However, recording a phone call is not an easy task as it seems to be because of the availability of the various type of android devices with the different operating system. The call recording facility is sometimes not available on the device and there are not very apps that allows you to record your conversation in crystal-clear audio. If you want to know how to record a phone call on Android then read the texts below.

Using inbuilt call recorder

Record phone calls Android facility are available inbuilt in most of the android devices. You can activate call record option from the settings panel. Follow the steps to an active auto call record in Android:

  1. Click on Phone/Dialler icon to open it.
Phone dialer- call history page
Call history page

2. At the top right corner three vertical dots icon is present, click it.

3. From the drop-down menu select “Settings” option.

Call history settings
Call history settings

4. Now click on “Call recording” option.

google voice recording
google voice recording

5. Now tick mark on “Auto call recording” button.

6. Call recording facility has been enabled in your Android device.

Using a call recorder app

If in-built call recorder is not available in your device then you can use an external call recorder app. There are a number of third-party call recorder app present in the Play store and which are free to use. Some of them are “Automatic Call Recorder Pro”, “Call Recorder- ACR” etc.  You can install any of these apps and start recording from now. These apps required certain permission which you need to grant them. After a successful setup, these apps show a record button on your phone dialer. The recordings are crystal clear and easy to listen.

Using Google Voice

Google voice can also be used to record a phone in Android and it is the best alternative if your device doesn’t have an auto call record facility.In most of the android devices, google voice is pre-installed and is free to use application. You can also download it from the play store if it is not present in your device. To set up record phone calls Android facility in google voice follows the steps below:

Visit google voice homepage.

google voice
google voice

Click on the three vertical dots icon on the left side of the page.

From the drop-down menu select “Settings” option.

call history options
call history options

In the settings menu scroll to the call section and turn on the incoming call option.

You can now record the phone call by simply pressing 4 during a conversation.

android automatic call-recorder-app-google-play-store
android automatic call-recorder-app-google-play-store

Using External Recorder

You can also record a phone call by using an external recorder but it is not the easiest way as it may cost you some amount of money. You can buy an external recorder and plug it in your 3.5mm headphone jack and start the recording of your conversation.

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