Students as well as professional authors need to keep a check on the word count when they are writing something. If a student is working on an academic paper, he would write multiple chapters and then compile them in the end. However, he would have to keep a check on the word count of each chapter. Similarly, when a professional author is writing a book, he would also have to keep an eye on the word count of each chapter. One way is that that the author should manually count the words. This is obviously an impossible option. When you have a document in PDF format, you cannot count the number of words which is the case in MS Word.

The best solution to this problem is that you should use a quality word counter tool.  Everything is technology oriented and you can easily get the word count by using a dependable tool.

Here are the top 3 online word counter tools

1. Word Counter by Prepost SEO

The word counter tool by Prepost SEO is completely free including all the premium features that it has. A user does not have to pay for any of the features. Other than that, there are no limitations in terms of usage. You can use the tool for any number of documents without any charges being applied. Other than that, this tool has various other benefits for the users.

  • To start with, you can get the words counted by using two options. The first alternative is that you can directly paste the text as a box has been provided for that purpose. Along with that, you can upload a document directly as the tool supports multiple formats including .doc and PDF. After that, the complete word count would be shown to you

Other features

The Prepost SEO word counter tool does not offer a simple word count option to the user. You can get various other details using this tool. One of them is the reading time. For both students and professional authors, this is a very helpful piece of detail. You need to know about the time the reader would take to read what you have written. This tool provides you with the exact time needed. Other than that, you can get a count of the characters (with and without spaces). This is a requirement for students when they are working on certain assignments.

Paragraphs and average word length

This tool provides a complete insight of the written text apart from simple word count. For instance, when you have uploaded the document, you can know about the number of paragraphs present. At times, when are going through the writing process, we do not change paragraphs. For academic assignments, this can be a problem which has to be solved. With the Prepost SEO word counter tool, you can get a count of the paragraphs in the written text or uploaded document.

2. Word Counter Plus

If you are a Chrome user, word counter plus would be a good option for you. One of the main benefits of this tool is that it can be used as an extension of Google which simply means that you do not need to make an additional download. The usage process is quite simple as well. Here are the steps which have to be followed when you are using Word Counter Plus.

Select the text from any web page opened in Google or even from the search result page. Once you right click it, you would see the option of “Word Counter Plus” being displayed on your right. When you click it, all details related to word count would be shown on your screen. These include the word count, character count (with and without spaces) as well as the average word length. In other words, the writer gets a complete insight of the selected text in terms of word count.

word counter plus
word counter plus

3. Word Counter App for MAC

A lot of MAC users find it hard to get hold of dependable word counting applications. If you are an Apple user and looking for a reliable application, the Word Counter App for MAC is one of the finest options you can look at. Here are some key features which this app has.

  • For any writer, it is important to know about the productivity which he is portraying on daily basis. For instance, if you have to write a book in three months, you would have to break the target down in terms of daily submissions. The total word count of the book would only be completed on time when you are able to meet daily targets. The word counter app for MAC gives you a count of daily words. As a result, you are able to determine your efficiency level in due course of time.
  • With this app, you can easily monitor your daily targets. When you get to know about the daily word count being completed, it would be much easier to know where you are lagging behind. In other words, if you are a professional author, you would know how much you need to increase your pace.
word counter plus
Word counter plus

Summing it up

It is beneficial to have a good word counting app with you whether you are a student or working as an experienced author. When you are working on a piece of content, checking the word count is very important. The tools listed above are better than other online alternatives available. Other than that, they provide convenience to the user. To start with, these tools provide you with the exact word count at all times. If you have set daily targets for yourself, using one of these tools would obviously help you a lot. If you are lagging behind in terms of targets, you would know about it in real time.

Professional authors also need to know about the character count which the written text has. If you are using these tools, this task would be accomplished in an easy manner. You would know about the character count (with and without spaces) in the selected text.

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