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   WhatsApp web some basic features

Do you use Whatsapp on your mobile? know how to use its web version? Do you know the advantages and features of Whatsapp web? Do you know how to install Whatsapp web in your computer’s browser?

If you want the answers to all the above questions, this article may be helpful for you. Whatsapp network is an easy way of using Whatsapp on your desktop. You can use Whatsapp messages quickly and easily on your computer. It gives you the facility of WhatsApp from your browser. But how? Here is all about it.

What do I need to run WhatsApp web?

No problematic thing you need for using the Web version of Whatsapp. It an easy-going process. You have all the items that are necessary for this purpose. But to avoid any, difficulty, I list here all the things that are necessary for installing Whatsapp we. Here are the items;

  • You need to have an android or iPhone, which has a working rear camera.
  • You should have a laptop or computer which has Google chrome or any other modern browser.
  • There should be an active internet connection on your mobile set and equipment.
  • Your mobile should have the latest version of WhatsApp.

How WhatsApp web works?

You should keep in mind that the WhatsApp web does not have all the features and functions of the mobile app. But it gives you ease. There is another reality that you must keep in mind that the web version of WhatsApp does not work without mobile WhatsApp. You will be connected to the WhatsApp web through your mobile and then use it. I mean you need your phone to remain connected to it. You may call it a clone or mirror of your mobile app. You will be able to read messages and reply. If your phone is not connected to the internet and there is no message. You will also don’t see that message on web WhatsApp, though it is related to the internet. Though this feature makes it inferior to other chat apps, it is more secure.

How to set up

If you have made up your mind and all necessary things ready for using the Whats App web on your desktop, it is a 5 minutes job to install web version on your desktop. The elements, essential for the purpose are mentioned above; mobile phone, computer and internet connection for both the devices.

  1. Search for on your desktop browser and go to the website.

    whatsapp web home page url
    Whatsapp web home page URL
  2. Once the web page is loaded it will show below options

    whatsapp web page
    Whatsapp web page
  3. Open your WhatsApp mobile apps from your phone and go to the menu.

    whatsapp mobile -whatsappweb option
    whatsapp mobile -Whats App web option
  4. In setting open Whats App web."<yoastmark
  5. This will prompt you to start a QR code reader.
  6. There will be a QR code on the screen of your WhatsApp web in the browser.
  7. Point your phone’s rear camera to the QR code on your computer screen as shown in step 5
  8. You will see your Whats App web starts connecting to the phone as soon as QR code is scanned and WhatsApp reads this code.
  9. You pc will connect to the phone.
  10. Now you have Whats app web and WhatsApp mobile synched.

What can I do with Whats App web?

  • You can type messages using your keyboard.
  • We can access WhatsApp photos, images, and video. You can play them on your computer.
  • Start a conversation with your contact. Or you may search for existing connections or conversations.
  • You can make and start a group chat. Talk in groups and view group details.
  • You can connect different computers to your mobile and also you can disconnect any computer remotely.
  • Get desktop alerts or mute them.
  • You can share media files to your connections.
  • Send stickers, emojis, GIFs, and other items.
  • You can view any contacts status
  • You can select multiple messages and delete them.
  • Send a new word, reply messages, forward a message, and delete a message.
  • You can make changes to your profile.

The thing you cannot do on Whatsapp web

  • You cannot send WhatsApp broadcasts.
  • You cannot make and receive WhatsApp calls. This feature is for both audio and video calls.
  • You cannot post new status.
  • You are not able to share maps or location.
  • We cannot change media download settings. All photos and videos are downloaded automatically.
  • Though you can add multiple browsers to your mobile, you can use only one at a time.

Some users have two different numbers associated with different WhatsApp accounts; you can use both accounts in a computer, for this you need to open the Whats App web through two different browsers. You may apply, for example, chrome and opera browsers for this purpose. We can also open the WhatsApp web in an incognito window, but it logs you off after an hour.

What is unique in the WhatsApp web?

Though it has fewer functions than your mobile app. its usages are limited. Then what is unique with the Whats App web? Though your desktop keyboard is a distinct feature of WhatsApp we, it has other plus points also. If you are going to have a longer than usual conversation with someone, you can type quickly on your keyboard. You can engage with your client on the desktop and type comfortably. Your Whats App web also has the feature of working with Whatsapp business; you can get multiple customers and clients through this feature.

How secure is Whats app web?

Though in the beginning, some users talked about the lack of security of your private data, but now WhatsApp boasts itself for an end to end encryption for all messages. This feature is also for the web version. It is a good idea that WhatsApp employs the best security practices. It understands your concerns about the safety of your data. Whether you are using a web version of WhatsApp or mobile WhatsApp, it is safe for you. You can open it through the incognito window.

I have given some essential features of Whats App web and discussed its installing instructions.

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