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Ultimate Tricks and Tips for Students

So, you’re getting ready for school but doesn’t want to spend time in the computer lab. Now that you’ve your PC to use, it is time to get MS office onto it. However, deciding on which office software version to download or buy needs time and research. Even more, understanding which features are offered in the Student Microsoft office is critical.

Knowing the features of what you’re paying for helps you get the most from your software buck.

Microsoft Office Home and Student edition have a lot of hidden treasures. These features are buried deep within the interface, and you won’t need special skills to use them. These tricks will help you save time doing much work.

MS office 2010
MS office 2010

Why Should you buy MS Office 2010 Home and Student?

Microsoft office 2010 students help you keep your documents organized and tidy.

a. As a student, Office 2010 Home and Student edition provide you with all the resources you need. Whether it’s an elegant presentation, or complex reporting MS Office 2010 is your companion in your academic work.

b. If you always find yourself working on the go, you’ll appreciate the new web and mobile functionalities. Whether you’re working on your smartphone or desktop, this app is ideal for modern world student.

c. The increased functionality provides you with the means to create, share, edit, and protect your data.

You don’t need to be a pro to have experience on how to communicate your ideas. All you need is one of the four apps present in MS Office 2010. In this guide, we look at some of the best hacks and tips in MS Office 2010 Home and Student edition.

MS Word 2010

Word is one of the widely used MS Office programs by students. It’s because of its capability and functionality to create different types of document such as reports, resume, and designing flyers for your music gig. All the tools you need are visible on the sleek interface. As a student, how can you take advantage of this program?

There’s no more excellent way to create appealing documents than to use Word 2010. With the new photo editing features, you can add a significant impact on your project by illustrating your ideas using diagrams and turning bullet-point lists into compelling SmartArt graphics. Besides, as a student, you can use the new formatting effects such as glow, shadow, and reflection to create flyers for your neighborhood events.

MS Word 2010
MS Word 2010

Take Notes that help you study smarter

OneNote gives you the power to collect and share information. Worried that you haven’t carried your notebook to the trip? Well, not anymore. OneNote program enables you to take notes and even swipe them into different notebooks. Besides, it has a sharing feature where you can share notes with your classmates.

Additionally, OneNote allows you to embed almost everything to your notes. You can include audio recordings of lectures or add screen clips to your records. Besides, you can also add guides for handwriting and drawing.

Share Files with Ease

If you have Office 2010 Home and Student edition, you’re eligible to store your files online. You can, therefore, give your teammates access to your files online to review and edit them when necessary. Imagine how much time you can save by asking your classmates for feedback on your project before you submit it.

Also, it allows you to back up your work in the event there’s a power surge, and your hard drive fails. Thus, you won’t have to worry about losing the reports you have spent days writing since you’ll have a copy of it safely stored online.

Powerful Presentation Using PowerPoint

Give your final project presentation that touches it deserves. The most compelling presentations that leave marks are the ones rich in media. Instead of using words to tell a story, use graphics, tables, charts or even music to set the tone of the slideshows.

It doesn’t matter the underlying purpose of your presentation; a media-rich slideshow helps inform, persuade, entertain and motivate people to take action.

For instance, you can use animation in your presentation to create a picture of what you’re discussing. Animations are little gems, yet powerful to keep your audience engaged; hence, helping you grab their attention.

Use Excel 2010 to analyze your data

Are you working on a project and worried that you might not keep track of the activities? You can use Excel 2010 to create exciting project Gantt charts to help you follow through your work. The Smart sheet explains the different ways in which you can create project Gantt charts with ease. Follow the steps outlined, and you will have a working document to help you track your project milestones. Additionally, you can analyze your data quickly using the new Conditional Formatting options, display your data using the interactive and dynamic PivotChart Views.

MS excel 2010
MS excel 2010

Final Thoughts

With the Microsoft 2010 Home and Student edition, you can create great homework and schoolwork from multimedia presentations to multi-page bibliographies. Capture your ideas and set them apart with the new video editing features and the dynamic text effects. Additionally, collaborate easily with your classmates without having to be present, thanks to the new web App tools. The results you can achieve with Office 2010 Student are beyond expectation with little inspiration and a lot of creativity.

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