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Customer success software platforms are comprehensive platforms designed particularly provide customer success teams with the ability to do better work at offering results for customers. The general features of these solutions include external and internal communication/collaboration tools, task management, automation, playbooks, outcome management, customer health scores, etc. If you are looking for the best Customer success platform in 2020, here are a few to consider.


It drives customer and product success with the help of better user retention and management. SmartKarrot blends personalizing engine and product insights with referral management, pulse feedback, rich notifications and more to offer actionable mapping across the entire journey of users. It offers the most robust Customer Success software in the world. The platform actively assists businesses across applications such as Web, Mobile, and SaaS as well as industries like consumer engagement, employee engagement, patient engagement, etc in their experience and digital engagement initiatives.


SmartKarrot assists SaaS platforms, web applications, mobile applications, and consumer businesses to engage and retain users. There are features like rich push notifications, surveys, referrals, contextual segmentation and more. It can help react to and manage user touchpoints in a comprehensive manner.


This one of a kind Customer Success Management platform can assist businesses in growing, retaining and nurturing their consumer base. Cloud-based software can be used to aggregate data on a real-time basis. It helps Customer Success Managers offers a full history of customer relationships that span each department in the organization. Businesses can optimize their own account expansion and retention processes with smart and customizable alerts that are based on such type of data.


It can integrate every tool that you are using all ready to offer a centralized view of the data of customers. Customer Success Managers take the best actions in a proactive way to avoid churn. Getting automated alerts when some features vital customer success not used by customers.


The software senses alterations in things like customer health, and recommends the best actions as well as determines effectuality. Customer success organizations scaled efficiently and quickly with the assistance of automation, intelligence, and real-time playbooks. Amity helps make customer success the focus of all types of businesses anywhere. The customers of the software increase revenue growth, renewals, and adoption by earning the confidence and trust of consumers each day.


It can help businesses cultivate customer loyalty. The Customer Success Management solution of software allows companies to offer superior experiences. It allows optimized work management and workflows – offering a path for changing loyalists to advocates – thus leading to optimal revenues.


The important software platform for Account Management designed for business to business companies that have complex and major clients. It lets users develop account plans action-oriented, construct relationship maps and track the KPIs of customers. It is generally used by agencies having revenues in millions of dollars and the team having 10 to 50 CSMs or account managers. Kapta makes your key accounts visible, how to drive primary stakeholders to long-term success and what they most care about.


This is a customer success software company that allows faster growth of businesses by driving consumer advocacy, boosting upsell and reducing churn. The software platform lets you effectively get in touch with consumers. It consistently tracks the health of customers. The software offers a comprehensive view of consumers and drives retention across product management, executive management, marketing, sales, and Customer Success.

Meta CX

This is a type of digital product that brings customers and suppliers of enterprise software together. It ensures better outcome management and collaboration. With such a program, real-time visibility customer success ensured with the help of a toolkit. It supports, manages and monitors customers as they make use of new software applications. It can assure injecting accountability, commitment, and transparency driven by data against the outcome. As it promised between vendors and buyers of SaaS, to ensure better overall customer experience with the help of new software tools.


This customer success software platform concentrates on helping teams to have a deeper look at customer satisfaction and engagement. Such an application combines usage data and ticketing software. It also uses NPS (Net Promoter Scores) along with data of customer sentiment, which lets you see with clarity which customers are churn-risk prone and who are engaged. Such type of data is visible clearly for every team member on a visual dashboard. It provides your team with the ability to upsell receptive consumers. Kilterly also helps to detect all those obstacles that can lead to dissatisfaction. let you retain and nurture customer relationships with the help of custom tasks, workflows, and emails to offer proactive and on-time communication.

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