pc desktop background

PC Desktop Background

Whether you own a PC or a laptop, you always look out for ways through which you can beautify. By beautifying we mean, you lookout for ways to install the beautiful backgrounds. These pc desktop backgrounds are often available in large quantities with different designs. All these backgrounds have their own specialty and time and again these have developed for better convenience. These usually range from being default to custom. In today’s generation, most of the people prefer to have customised pc desktop background.

What are desktop backgrounds?

restore desktop background windows 7

Desktop backgrounds are often referred to the desktop image, desktop picture, desktop wallpaper and so much more. It is the digital image which is used as a decorative graphical user interface. Mostly, these are applied on the mobile and computer screens. Also, the other electronic devices use the desktop backgrounds for a beautiful look. It is on the home screen, the first thing you see when switching on your electronic device.

Although the initial or default background is the blue desktop background, you can still choose to bring changes by making the right choice. Apart from it, there are wide options of default backgrounds available from which you can choose.

How to restore desktop background windows 7?

Whether you want to restore desktop background windows 10 or 7, you should be careful with the whole scenario.

Begin by opening the control panel and selecting it from the start menu.

Next, opt for the appearance and personalization option. After following this, proceed to the Change Desktop Background option under personalization.restore desktop background windows 10

Browse the file that appears when you click on the browse option. Find out the images in the result box and restore the image that already pre-installed. Apart from it, if you haven’t found the image you can proceed with the procedure to locate the image of your choice.

Once you find the image of your choice, make sure to adjust the size from the desktop background option. The radio button is also present on the left side of the image. Therefore, you can make a better choice accordingly.

After setting up everything clearly, you can click the OK button. This will help you to restore the background.

If you accidentally lose your favorite customized background, you shouldn’t worried. This is because by following the above-mentioned steps you can easily restore them. However, you should make sure to follow the steps properly for better results.

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