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The internet is widely used at a number of locations around the world. It is used to perform many different varieties of tasks with great ease. This is leading to the improved use of the Internet even at a number of organizations. For such cases, it required to analyze the amount of data used by each of the users due to a large number of users involved. Get to know info on What is Wireshark from here.wireshark

A number of different software’s are available which one can use for analyzing the data used with different statistics. Wireshark is one such application which is free and also open source. It is basically a network protocol analyzer which will be helping users to actively browse the network traffic. The development project for this application started the name of Ethereal but soon renamed to Wireshark during 2006.

What is Wireshark? And its potential applications

We have discussed here a brief introduction about What does Wireshark do and also know What is Wireshark used for. It will give you a glimpse about the potential applications which these applications can have. In this application, the data transmitted analyzed from the wire which existing over the network or from the data which already captured. One can even have a reading of the live data and also can analyze it over a wide range of networks existing there.what is wireshark used for

As this software will support GUI, it will provide users access to the data networks which captured. Even filters are available in the application which will allow the user to make data visible in the way they want. It is also possible to identify the Voice Over Internet (VoIP) calls which are taking place over the network. When we consider the application over Linux, it is also capable of capturing the raw traffic which is present over the USB.

This clearly depicts the features which Wireshark will be offering us. It is most suitable to use this application over the organization which is having higher use of the internet. One can thereby have a complete control over the data which used over different applications. Even the data can gather in a systemized manner by using the suitable filters.


Thus, we can say that there is a high potential use of the Wireshark in a number of different organizations. It will help you to have a complete analysis of the network which you are using. This will give you data which can filter about the quantity of data which used over a number of different applications.

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