Language change in ms word

Do you use ms word and want to switch between languages? Do you know how to turn to Hindi or Telugu? Do you know the basics of language change in a keyboard or use different language keyboards in MS word? This article is an answer to all the above questions. I shall discuss some essential tips about switching between different languages in ms word. It is not a difficult task to change the language in ms word. When you have learned, you will find it much comfortable. Its process depends on the version of ms word or windows you are using.

ms word language change
ms word language change

Language types in MS word

There are different language change types in ms word. It all depends upon the foreign language you are using. There are the following language types, and you may be able to adjust accordingly.

DISPLAY LANGUAGE; it is the language used in the controls, menu, and buttons in ms word. It is also called user interface language.

Help language; this is the language of ms word help pages. When ms word presents help pages, it is that type of language.

Screen Tips Language; it is the language that is used in Microsoft’s screen tips.

Proofing language; it is the language used for proofreading, checking the spelling and grammar of the document

Keyboard language; Also called an input language, it is your typing language. It dictates which character appears on the screen when you are typing and proofreading.

When you change the keyboard layout, it also lets you use other language characters. If you want to input the characteristics of different language occasionally, you may write in your language and add the style and symbols you desire. If you change your keyboard language, all the keyboard keys will change.

language settings
language settings

How to change Language in Word

If you want to change the language in ms word on windows 10, there are language options in set office language. To change the language open dialogue box in Word. For the purpose open File> Option> Language.

If the display language is the same for Windows 10 and controls, menu and Word, you should set display language to match Microsoft windows. If you use different languages for display and buttons, you should search for your Language in Set office language preference box. If you locate the language, you must choose to select it as default. Now, this accepted language will be displayed at the top of the list. In the dialogue box, you may set the help and screen tips language for the same or different from which is your display language.

Keyboard language for Word

Do as following instructions for setting keyboard layout language in Word.

Click on choose editing languages in the dialogue box. You must set as default if language already appears in your screen. If it is not in the list, select Add, and choose the language from the Add list. If the language is displayed as enabled, set it as default.

select language in ms word
select language in ms word

How to type Telugu in MS word?

Telugu is the Language of Southeast India, and it is spoken there. If you want to type Telugu is MS word, it should make changes both in Windows and Word. You can use the English keyboard to relabel it with Telugu words.

  1. Go to the control panel and click Enter.
  2. You may scroll to Clock, Language and Region heading.
  3. Here select the change input method.
  4. Add language there and select Telugu and select add to make it your keyboard layout language.
  5. In MS word, open a blank document.
  6. Here you may also change it to Telugu in File and by clicking on language.
select indian languages in ms word
select indian languages in ms word

 How to type Hindi in MS word

If you are in India, you surely need to type in Hindi for different types of work. You need to type letters in Hindi, and also applications. In MS Word, you may also choose the language from the set of languages and add Hindi as your input language.

  1. For setting in your Windows go to the control panel and click on Date time and languages.
  2. Add other languages and select Hindi in the language bar.
  3. In Word, open word document and in options select Hindi as Language.
  4. In this way, you may type in Hindi in your Word document.

How to type Tamil in MS word?

In MS Word, you may process your content for different objectives. You may write applications, reports, letters, and much more.

  1. Also, in Word, you have the option of selecting different languages.
  2. It is the database of numerous languages you may choose.
  3. You may write and spell check in different languages.
  4. If you want to type in Tamil, you must open, ms word document.
  5. Select the Review tab and go to proofing.
  6. Select ‘ set language.
  7. A dialogue box opens, and you may select Tamil as your language.

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