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I’ve been doing SEO for a couple of StartUps and it’s common that they need ranking and traffic fast. Of course, I’m doing SEO with White-Hat methods which may take longer to achieve results. That’s why I came up with a strategy to harvest low hanging fruits by spying my client’s competitors!

The key is to find what keywords your competitors are ranking for. By competitors, I don’t mean tech giants. You need to find competitors which are with similar or lower website authority of yours. Otherwise, you can’t compete with them.

Here is an example of a US B2B StartUp that I started working two months ago. We’ve done the keyword research, we wrote 2 superior articles and now they’re bringing the site some traffic. We haven’t started building links yet. I expect to rank on the 1st page for the 5,400 with a couple of links in the next few months.

Seo Organic keywordsSeo Organic keywords

I believe that this method is perfect not only for StartUps but for everyone who wants to see immediate results from SEO.

Do Keyword Research

Keyword research lets you make sure:

  • the niche you’re targeting is profitable:
  • the topics you cover on your blog or the products you want to build are in demand;
  • That it will be possible for you to rank on Google.

One of the best tools to use for keyword research is With it, you can perform competitor analysis, backlink checking, keyword research, and more.

Use the tool to not only see your closest competitors but by entering their URL into the search, you can see which keywords they are ranking for. Then, put those keywords on a list.

*Note: Check competitor’s sites with Domain Authority lower than yours. It will give you a better chance to compete with them, and outrank them for the keywords they’re already ranking!

Create Better Content

So, how can you use the data you just collected? By creating better content than them so you can rank for the keywords you’re targeting and steal the visits they receive each month.

To create better content for your competitors, you first need to study theirs. Pick a keyword from the data we last discussed from Ahrefs and visit the URL that’s ranking for it.

Look at their word count, article structure, and titles. Consider how you might organize your article differently to gain more interest. Make a list of keywords used and add them throughout the page. And add visual elements by way of GIFs, videos, and high-quality images and infographics.

Once the article is written, contact those sites who are linked to your competitors URL and let them know you have created a better, more detailed resource.

Continue to review and renew your content and check your ranking regularly.

Build Links to your Content

There are two ways to build links to your article:

Slow, difficult and more expensive ways that build links of higher value; and

Fast, easy, and cheap ways that build links of lower value.

Ideally, you want a mix of both. But how do you build them?

Guest posting

Contextual links from guest posts are the best links. However, they are time-consuming and you need to focus on the best sites only.


Seo Audit report
Seo Audit

I used SiteProfiler to check those metrics.

Actually, the post you’re now reading is a guest post. One of the benefits for me is to get a link to my blog. A few weeks ago I published an article about SEO Ranking Factors in 2019, and now I’m using my guest post at Web3mantra to link to my article. It may bring me new readers, and it’s good for my blog SEO because the link comes from a site with traffic and pretty good metrics. Trending has Domain Authority of 41, their Alexa ranking is growing the website gets a lot of traffic! That’s a perfect backlink for me.


Answer one or two questions on Quora which are relevant to your business, not forgetting to link to your target page on your site. Mario Peshev from DevriX is a great example of the huge potential of Quora. He had been contributing answers to Quora for about a year, when one day he received a message by Addriene Gomer from the Quora staff, asking to republish one of his Quora answers on other platforms. In a few months, Mario’s answers got re-published on Forbes, Huffington Post, Slate, Apple News, Hacker Noon, Inc., and a few other sites.

Blog comments

Comment on trending articles that are relevant to your page. Link to your page, either in your name or directly on your comment.

Content Curation Sites – Curate the content from page to sites like,,, and etc.


By using these techniques, you can draw more quality, organic traffic to your site.

Do you have other suggestions on good ways to do this?

We’d love to hear your comments below.

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