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Controversial, discussion posts are becoming increasingly popular today. Every blogger knows that for the success of the blog it is important that people not only read posts, but also comment on them: for Yandex and Google this is a sure sign of quality content, and they push such articles up in the search results. In addition, if the post causes a heated discussion, readers begin to refer to it in social networks, and this attracts more and more visitors. Thus, ‘hot topics’ invariably provoke discussions on the Internet.

In this article, we will provide you with a list of the most controversial topics for posts.

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List of most controversial posts


Migrants, refugees and the national question represent one of the ‘hot themes’ for discussion. Some believe that migrants should be welcomed, others — that they should be expelled from the country. Some consider security as the basis, others — a shortage of workers at affordable prices. Examples include such posts as “Migrants or Refugees, “How the National States Create and Respond to Refugee Streams”, etc.

Hot discussions triggered by discussing the news. Suppose the author read something in the news feed and gave his comments on a particular event. At the same time, he raised the question so that he wants to argue with someone. For example, BBC World News presents a huge list of news from around the world.

If we talk about the news in the world of science, then here we can argue on a variety of topics: to admire the achievements of mankind (for example, post on the theme 10 most important achievements of mankind), to condemn them or to doubt their usefulness. The main thing is not just to report on this or that news, but to express your opinion and then there will certainly be people who want to add something to the above.


This topic has great potential for discussion because it applies to everyone without exception. Controversial posts about kid`s safety, relationships of adult children to parents, divorce, and sharing of property always provoke a lively response.


Someone has the opinion that men and women should endow with equal rights, while someone believes that a woman should stay at home, and a man should earn money. These are all contentious issues.


considered a good education and what is bad? What is scientific knowledge and what are myths and legends? What to believe? Each person has a different opinion on this matter. The post Is education good or bad for modern students?considered as an example.

The question about the best sites that help schoolchildren and students to write different types of work is also quite controversial. There are also many opinions, but it is very important to trust reliable companies, such as



On the Internet, you can find any opinions on this topic. Someone warmly supports the culture of winemaking, someone believes that any alcohol is poison. Someone cannot stand tobacco smoke, someone smokes like a steam locomotive, and is indignant when non-smokers impose their lifestyle on him. A post about the advantages and disadvantages of alcohol is a prime example here.

Traditional medicine often discussed online. People discuss and apply the treatment methods that their grandparents used.

The topic of nutrition is not just an exchange of recipes but also heated debate about the benefits of products, the correctness, and incorrectness of the preparation of a dish.

Therefore, there are a lot of controversial posts on the Internet. However, this is not surprising, because everyone has the right to express their own opinion.

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