Tips on Researching Your Competitors on Instagram

Tips on Researching Your Competitors on Instagram

You have started your Instagram account, you have posted content, now you’re waiting. Waiting. Waiting. Where are the followers? How does my competitor have more than more? What did they do to get these followers? Researching your competitors and figuring how to get the Instagram followers they have is important for the success of your brand.

Tip One: Finding a competitor who is as much like you as possible

When you’re doing research on how to bring up your own brand or company Instagram profile and how to get Instagram followers, you need to analyze a brand’s page that resembles yours or that is very similar. They need to be offering the same sort of services and/or products. It is pointless analyzing a company that makes watches when you make shoes, it is two different markets.
There are other factors to consider such as; location, online presence, online sales, target market, use of colors etc. This bleeds into the next few tips but it is important to mention multiple times as these things truly do affect how you should craft your own Instagram account to fit your business, your styles and color pallet.


Tip Two: Analyzing people who are successfully acquiring a large number of followers

You want to achieve a larger following, so in order to answer the question of ‘‘how to get Instagram followers’’ why would you focus your attention on pages that have little to no following? It makes absolutely no sense what so ever to task yourself with growing your page while looking at an account that needs help doing the very same thing. Don’t waste your time finding answers where there aren’t any.

Tip Three: Content

What is it about your competitor’s site that is different to yours? You need to understand their content in order to understand why people are possibly engaging more with it and are in turn following the account. You need to look at their posts, understand what it all looks like and then start reading the comments. What is the general public saying about this content? How do they feel? What the customer thinks is important and should be taken seriously to avoid making the same possible mistakes that they are making.

This is an important step to understanding what the consumer thinks of the service, product, pricing,and other information and it means you’re able to use this to your advantage to win over new customers to your business and your Instagram page.

Tip Four: Analyzing hashtag usage

When you are analyzing your competitor’s accounts you need to comb through their content and that means seeing what hashtags worked for them and how they might work for your content. This is the right time to discover some new and perhaps foreign hashtags for you to use in your posts. The aim of the game is tracking posts that perform very well and what exactly helped them do well. Look at how the hashtags related to the picture, how many do they use, what is their average hashtag usage, location and how do all these things come together to affect the overall reach of the post.

Instagram content

Tip Five: Culminating all the information to understand everything and how it relates to you

You have done the research and now you are at the final step in this process and that is taking all the information you have collected and figuring out how to apply it to your own business account. It is vital to ensure that you stay true to your company or brand’s initial identity and don’t sacrifice who you are, what you offer or what you stand for when applying your findings.
Instagram is a social media giant that, like any platform, has tricks that make it work in your favor. It is, however, an ever-changing landscape that is difficult to truly figure out. Keep working hard to achieve your goals regardless of what they are, be it more sales, more followers, more views etc. Focus on your business and brand and strive to showcase it in all its glory.

Now, go on out there and get those followers, make that money, show off your talents and show Instagram what you are made of!


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