Achieve High Safety in Fragile Goods Transport

You’ve seen the cartoons where the delivery man is happy to throw a fragile parcel around, you may even have experienced it yourself. But, what you may not appreciate is the cost of damaged goods to insurance firms and the dispatching business.

So, what can you do if you’re faced with this issue?

The Supplier

There are several steps you can take to help ensure your fragile parcel arrives in the same condition as it was dispatched:

Strong boxes

The stronger the box the harder it is for other objects to squash it or penetrates it, this makes it a safer option. Of course, box weight contributes to the cost of shipping making it important to find a balance between protection and delivery cost.

It is possible to slide a thin sheet of aluminum inside the box which will add a layer of protection, but this will make the product significantly more expensive and is really only an option for high value, very fragile goods.

Minimize Movement

To ensure your fragile goods remain in one piece it’s a good idea to avoid moving them more than you have to.

This means packing them and then transferring them to a pallet which can be moved with a pallet truck. Providing the boxes are the same size and stacked according to pre-determined safety parameters, this will reduce the handling and potential for damage.

Packing Material

It is also essential that you fill any empty space in your box with packaging material as this will prevent it from moving and becoming damaged.

Ideally, your box should be a similar size to the product with a molding created to house the product. This minimizes the packing material required and maximizes protection.

Impact Indicators

This is another step that suppliers can take but it also affects the customer. Impact indicators are special devices that stick to the box.

If the box is dropped, bashed, subject to extreme hot or cold, or if it is mishandled in any way the impact indicator will show it.

The system is very simple, a disc is added to the parcel, this prominently tells everyone that it is guarded by an impact indicator. You can choose how sensitive the disc is by selecting the one that meets your needs best, there are five sensitivity levels.

In the middle of the disc is a white dot. If the package is mishandled this will go partially or fully red.

At this point, the customer must take responsibility for the parcel. If there is any red on the dot the customer must inspect the goods before accepting them. If the customer doesn’t inspect it and the product is damaged they won’t be able to claim anything from the delivery company or supplier.

Impact indicators are easy to adhere to any parcel and they ensure that everyone handling the package knows it is monitored. This makes everyone accountable and will encourage correct handling procedure, dramatically increasing the chances of your fragile product arriving in one piece.

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