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Have you ever got hungry at unexpected hours? Ever been with friends playing cards and had a sudden craving for food? Do you love variety and different tastes in fast food? Pizza hotline is the lifesaver for you in these times as everybody gets fast food cravings but all of us are cautious as where to order from. The Pizza hotline is the best option to go for, as it is customer oriented by providing a friendly, reliable and delicious fast food order service.

Pizza hut orders are the most convenient orders in these fast food craving situations. With Pizza hotline, one can order from the premium and well-known franchises or they can also order from the new entrants in the market. The Pizza hotline being the most well-known of all the franchises is available to order through Pizza hotline. Pizza hut orders can be trusted blindly as it is the world’s leading fast food franchise & also provides multiple fast food options to choose from. Pizza hotline has several fast food franchises and the pizza hut orders are delivered quick and hot.

The Pizza Hotline Hours:

The Pizza hotline attempts to take care of all the customers by providing maximum and flexible pizza hours throughout the week. Pizza hotline hours are a treat for all the customers as the customers from different working shifts can order food at their best possible convenient time. It serves as a directory for most of the popular fast food franchises which can be reached through Pizza hotline’s phone number. Pizza hotline can be reached through the phone number 204-856-2222. Ordering from Pizza hotline is an easy job as it offers maximum hotline hours for the customers. The hotline satisfies everyone’s desire for different fast foods. Pizza hotline is everybody’s favorite because it caters to the needs of fast food lovers, lazy love birds, hardcore gamers and TV enthusiasts. Pizza hotline comes handy through its phone number and it saves time for all the foodie ones.


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Read much about Pizza hotline? It is a must try for every fast food lover because the options are many, the hotline hours are maximum and the service is incredible. And the amazing thing is that you do not need to go anywhere. Feeling hungry? Pick up the phone, dial Pizza hotline and get ready to be amazed.

Pizza Hotline Website Address:

Pizza Hotline Facebook:

The Pizza Hotline Twitter:

Pizza Hotline Customer Service Numbers:

Pizza Hotline Phone number: 204-856-2222

The Pizza Hotline Winnipeg Customer Service Number: 222-2222

Pizza Hotline Winkler/Morden Customer Service Number: 331-3888

Pizza Hotline Brandon Customer Service Number: 725-2222

The Pizza Hotline Steinbach Customer Service Number: 326-5511

Pizza Hotline Locations:

Brandon  Steinbach Winkler & Morden
Mob No: 204 – 725-22-22 Phone No: 204 – 326-55-11 Phone No: 204 – 331-38-88
2637 Victoria Ave. 20 Brandt St, Unit 6B 674 Main Stret. Winkler-MB
Brandon, MB  – R7B 0M9 Steinbach, MB – R5G 1Y2 Winkler, MB – R6W 1A3
Winnipeg (204) 222-22-22 823B – Corydon Ave Portage La Prairie
 Cafe 22 – 823 B Corydon Ave. Winnipeg, MB  – R3M 0W6  Phone No: 204 – 856-22-22
823B – Corydon Ave. 109-1100 Concordia Ave. 2-315 Saskatchewan Ave.
Winnipeg, MB – R3M 0W6 Winnipeg, MB – R2K 4B8 Portage La Prairie, MB –  R1N 0L

Pizza Hotline Head Office Address:

Pizza Hotline, Canada
Unit 5-823, Corydon Avenue,
Winnipeg, Manitoba,
Canada – R3M oW6.

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