spacex founderSpaceX is an american aerospace manufacturing and transporting company. Their Goal is to reduce the transporting cost and allowing the colonization of Mars.

Established Date: 6 May 2002

Nerve Center: Hawthorne, California, United States

Founded by: Elon Musk

CEO: Elon Musk

Categories: Space Travelling,  Aerospace, Space Transporting.

Employee Size: 7000+

Alternate Name: Space Exploration Technologies Corp.,

Current Status: Active

Funding Status: Late Stage Venture

Recent Funding Type: Series F

Business Type: For Profit

Space Exploration Technologies corporation is running a company like SpaceX, manufactures, designs and launching advanced satellites and rockets. SpaceX is the first privately funded liquid missile rocket to reach orbit, this is the achievement of their successful launch and it services orbital launching system.

SpaceX has flown 10 satellite missions to ISS (International Space Station). It has been awarded by NASA on their development. To achieve their goal, they developed “rapidly reusable launch system” in 2013. They got 9 Achievements of their Satellite Success.

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Address Details:

Rocket Road,

Hawthorne, California


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