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The capacity to record calls often regarded as the sole preserve of large-sized organizations with fat budgets. However, this myth been dispelled by the amount of superior, affordable, and valuable recording systems solutions available for small businesses.



When purchasing a system, there are a couple of things that you will need to take into consideration such as:

  • Ease of installation and utilization
  • How easy will it be to search for a call that has been recorded ages ago?
  • Will the recording software easily integrate with other types of applications?
  • How safe are the recorded calls and their documentation?
  • The recorded calls are accessed securely by branch offices or remote staff?
  • Does the recording solution comply with the law? Can the system used as an employee-training tool to enhance individual performance?
  • Can the recorded calls saved in a format ideal for electronic mail attachments between co-workers?

Currently, call recording offers a lot of advantages to a lot of companies and organizations. There are so many uses of recordings, as a matter of fact; this system now being extensively applied. Business owners now choose solutions that record a hundred percent (100%) of phone calls – this is highly necessary in businesses that are required to record calls for compliance or legal reasons.

Today, the functions of the systems go way beyond the mere recording of calls. Users of this solution can analyze what is actually going on every call: from evaluating the efficiency of call handling scripts, to spotting customer/client service trends or identifying product mentions in phone calls.

Let’s take a look at some of its benefits:
  • Employee performance monitoring
  • Evaluation of product campaign and promotion
  • Training Support
  • Boost customer service
  • Code of practice and regulation compliance

Do you use an IP PBX system and you are making and receiving phone calls IP (Voice over Internet Protocol)? Then, you need to ensure that the recording solution that you select has the capability to record IP based conversations in addition to regular phone calls.

  • The pricing should be reasonable and not cutthroat. The provider should be able to offer quality recording services that will be within your planned budget.
  • In order to see just how easy it is to use, you should ask for a demonstration. Ensure you ask for reference website – clients of a similar size and functionality to your business. Do not be afraid to ask questions or speak to these other business owners.
  • If your company is still growing, you will need to ensure that the system you purchase today has the ability to expand in order to meet your future needs.
  • Find out not just how and where phone calls recorded, but also find out how the recordings being stored. The utilization of tapes not considered; most of them done on hard drives. Find out if the recorded content played back by anyone on your network who has a security clearance.
Major User Benefits of Call Recording
  • Resolution of Disputes – Recorded calls promptly found and an extract of the recorded conversations quickly emailed to a customer to verify contract facts.
  • Compliance Demonstration – Showing that compliance rules have been followed to the letter is fast and easy.
  • Quality Call Monitoring – Phone calls can be reviewed by management to make sure that all customers have been handled professionally at all times.
  • Performance Development – Recorded calls can actually assist staff to develop their phone and teleselling techniques.
  • Conference Facilities – Easily share conference calls and online-based meetings with business partners and coworkers.
Frequently Asked Questions about Call Recording Systems

Recording – How does it Work?
The automatic recording starts recording every incoming and outgoing call from a telephone extension as soon as the feature activated by the admin. Recordings actually enabled for individual or several users and played back at any time. Conversation recordings enabled for inbound calls to your business.

Is there a limit on the number of Recordings?
Many providers offer unlimited recordings and then automatically save the call logs for a period of 90 days. However, you can choose to download the recordings for personal records or for future playback.

On-demand Call Recording – How does it work?
You will be provided with a number to press in order to record a particular phone call – the process is typically fast and very easy.

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