20 Free/Premium WordPress Video Themes for Vlog

Premium WordPress Video Themes for Vlog

In this post we will explain why you need WordPress Video themes, will share premium and free themes, but first WHAT IS VLOG?

A Video blog of Vlog as it usually called is web trend for some years and looks like it will not go away for along time. Therefore more and more transitional bloggers move to Youtube where create video channel to attract more visitors and income. Popular vloggers besides Youtube or Vimeo channels use blog where publish newest videos and also additional traditional posts or even add online store. For example popular fashion vlogger Zoe Sugg have her own blog and many more. Point is that besides Youtube channel if you want to became more popular, more professional, earn more income, you must have your blog – of course WordPress blog :).

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30 Premium Stylish Plugins for WordPress vs 30 Free Alternative

Premium Stylish Plugins for Wordpress vs 30 Free Alternative

WordPress basically is simple content managing system – clean and minimalistic, but … Out there are so many great possibilities how to change it to fancy complex website, booking system, forum, online store etc. WordPress plugins is one of the way how easily without coding knowledge to create stylish blog. No secret that contemporary good looking website attract more visitors therefore more income for web owners. That is why if you still didn’t modernize your blog we share the best stylish WordPress plugins (the best in 2017). There are no specific plugin category, we gather different type of plugins, so there are no duplicate, basically you can use all of them together and your blog will looks amazing. We collect menu, chat, gallery, social, slider and many other type of Premium plugins.

What we want in this article to do to make it different from other ones: for each paid Premium plugin we add free alternative plugin. Therefore in one place you have option to choose paid either free one. Keep in mind that free is good but sometimes these plugins are more heavy and often with less features, so you must think is it enough for you with these free functions. If not, choose Premium plugins for some charge.

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Free and Premium Best Mobile WordPress Themes

Mobile WordPress Themes

This post comprises of free and premium best mobile WordPress themes. We have compiled this post because these days mobile are not just used for communicating but a lot different activities, now a day cell phones are used as a whole computer, and so most of the people go through the web on the mobiles. … Read more

Top 10 differences b/w WordPress and Joomla

joomla vs wordpress

Joomla and WordPress are both CMSs. For a fact Joomla came into being for the core purpose of content management; its design revolves around CMS, that is content management systems. To start with Joomla has been a source of rich set of features comparatively to WordPress. Whereas WordPress, designed to fill the purpose of easy … Read more

Best and Helpful WordPress Form Plugins

WordPress Form Plugins

Forms are unit necessary options that internet designers embody in any web site that collect info from guests. We tend to use hypertext mark-up language forms to collect information like contact info, messages, emails, payment info and different sensitive information. Type don’t seem to be tough to implement in hypertext markup language, however if you’re … Read more

30+ Best and Awesome WordPress Theme Collection

WordPress Theme Collection

Using a dedicated full screen WordPress theme can beyond question catch the eye of your guests during a new, powerful and exciting way! Like WordPress themes for portfolio websites they’re nice for showcasing your work as an artist, artistic creator, designer or journalist. The utilization of the whole browser space adds a good dimension to … Read more