Top 10 differences b/w WordPress and Joomla

Joomla and WordPress are both CMSs. For a fact Joomla came into being for the core purpose of content management; its design revolves around CMS, that is content management systems. To start with Joomla has been a source of rich set of features comparatively to WordPress. Whereas WordPress, designed to fill the purpose of easy blog creation and maintenance; making the WordPress an easier to use option for blogging.

Top 10 differences b/w wordpress and joomla

According to your needs you may choose to use what fits the bill, your bill. As per your developing needs, we have carefully researched the top differences between both so that we help you make a wise choice.

  1. WordPress for simple and Joomla for complex is the formula that you should be following. Joomla is for professionals and for those who are short at time and experience, WordPress is the best choice.

  3. WordPress has a higher User Friendliness than Joomla, hence WordPress is gaining popularity where as Joomla is losing it. Joomla is no doubt high powered but much of what so ever function it has to offer can be achieved by plug-ins in WordPress. With its user-friendliness, WordPress seems to be a better choice to most new to this work.

  5. Joomla offers a superior content management system; Joomla is meant for developing advanced CMS where as WordPress aims creation of simple blogs, that usually publish your own content. WordPress is available for free but they say that the FREE version is known to have crippled. As for every other software, having a paid version for professional use is always the smartest move.

  7. Joomla’s strength lies in complex designs , it has been engineered to cope with complexities.  Out of these complex features the most popular ones are sections with in sections, categories and an in-depth navigation (A deep level navigation).

  9. Though you can create a regular site using it, but it will be a complete waste of time and effort as WordPress is capable of producing, more or less the same quality with lesser effort.

  11. Just in case you plan on creating a website with complexities and state of the art latest features you should be more inclined towards using Joomla to finish your task. Joomla allows you more complexities along with multiple extensions, and with its design focused on developing complex sites rather simpler ones.

  13. WordPress offers more SEO benefits; though it all depends on the content that one puts up, yet Word Press is known to be more Search Engine Friendly and in turn can provide great results with a little optimization.

  15. Over WordPress managing and understanding the admin panel is as easy as ABC, a newbie with no experience what so ever of managing a website can easily operate a WordPress site. Admin panels are also as easy as user panels.

  17. WordPress is by default optimized with Google, so these web pages are ranked higher quiet easily in SERPs, where as in Joomla these web pages need some effective SEO techniques in order to get a better, higher ranking.

  19. Joomla comes with a compound feature making it difficult to handle where as WordPress is manageable with great ease.

Open-source content management systems (CMS) have a lot to them. They are a big family of web applications, a little time into the past choosing the right CMS was a matter of the project’s requirement but today add-ons and plug-ins can extend to any possibility and fill in any virtual requirement. With Joomla offering possibilities beyond the grasp of WordPress in terms of CMS, if open source content management is your fundamental need Joomla is the word my friend.

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