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With the launch of PS5 in late 2020, gamers can’t wait to get their hands on this latest next-gen PlayStation gaming product. Online players much anticipate Sony’s next-generation console. The unveiling of the new product might not be in the expected venue. Sony is planning to skip E3 2020 as it prepares to unveil the console. Below is a guide to PS5.

Release date

Everyone has their eyes set on the PS5 release date. Sony is entirely silent on the matter. However, there is confirmation that it’ll take place on the holiday of 2020. Microsoft has also followed the same vague window concerning the release of its next-generation product.


There’s not been an exact price on the new console. However, it is said to be quite attractive to players. With a touch of advanced features, the price will be appealing. A reasonable price will be attracting lots of online games and bid goodbye to the struggles experienced with PS3.

Backward compatible

The much-anticipated next-generation PlayStation product gets expected to be backward compatible with PS4 games. These two consoles get built with the same internal architectural design. It’s good news to all gamers who got disappointed by the lack of backward compatibility in PS4.

The backward compatibility, as well as cross-gen, is an essential feature as it assists gamers to have a smooth transition.

With the new product, players will have a fast run as compared to the current console. PS5 is said to contain a hard state drive instead of the standard hard drives. It’ll also have a swift loading time like never before.

Energy efficiency

The next-generation PlayStation is worth a look at as it’s more environmentally friendly. The hardware component uses less power once placed on sleep/suspend mode. It’s thus a chance to save up on electricity power each time one chooses to game online. The organization is carrying out a carbon footprint assessment while looking at better energy effective data centers.

User interface

The PS5 UI will enable one to check out more details about allies’ games without the need to open the application themselves.

A multiplayer game server will allow the console to set up many undertakings in real-time. With single-player games, one can get detailed info about missions they will undertake and the rewards they might get. It’s just like seeing the likely awards that are in other online gaming websites, including The user interface allows one to check out all these choices and much more. Get a chance to jump into the game you adore.

sony playstation 5
sony playstation 5

PS5 specification

From its sleek design to containing an AMD chip that has a CPU based on the 3rd generation, this PlayStation just got better. It’ll support 8K gameplay. However, it’ll be dependent upon the television’s catch up. It has custom-driven graphics. The graphic chip supports ray-racing.

The PS5 will include a disc drive. It’ll enable you to purchase and play physical games as well. It also has a 120Hz which is double the refresh rate of standard television.

With PS5, get a chance to enjoy exclusive games and much more. As you continue enjoying various online games at different sites, including, be sure to check out PS5. Stay in the loop and get to know all matters PS5 to enhance your online gaming experience.

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