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With the advent of technology, there has been a drastic change in the process of recruitment, especially in terms of online hiring tests. These tests help in screening and ranking out the candidates at the beginning of the hiring process. Recruiters cannot only test their candidates but also review them followed by other assessments. They usually a good part of first-round interviews and most often given to interns and new graduates. Hiring the right talent ensures the long term growth of an organization. Below mentioned are some benefits of hiring a programmer through an onlinecoding test

  • Time Efficiency: With the help of such tests, the employer can easily measure the time taken by the employee for solving complex issues by analyzing their results and performance, which further gives an insight of the candidate’s talent and skills. Business pressures and deadlines are somethings, which have to be worked upon.
  • Evaluation: These tests help in the evaluation of the candidates’ problem-solving and programming skills. These are comprised of basic coding and meaningful questions on Core Java or C++. Recruiters can determine the ability of a person to work on real-life projects. Candidates are allowed to see their grades, which improves the feedback constantly and keeps them motivated.
  • Lower Costs: As compared to online tests, hiring a consultancy is more expensive, where a company has to pay for their travel and stationery costs. Through online video interviewing tests, cost per hire effectively reduced. Overall, this test filters the best candidate while reducing the cost of hiring.
  • Access to International Talent: Globalization has increased the pace of life. People are no more restricted to a single area when searching for a job opening and wish to gain international exposure. It improves the company culture and creates a better understanding environment.

Choosing an Optimum Coding Test:

Choosing a perfect fit that fits in accordance with the company’s goals and business is a must. One must consider the programming languages that the company uses. Get your software tested by the development team in order to ensure it is user-friendly and in relevance to the types of the task performed. After selecting the desired coding tests, one will be able to assess the performance of candidates. Try matching them with real job life tasks for more efficient results.


Some Practices Used By Companies:

There are distinct trends in how companies use the best practices while implementing these online tests.

  • Startups: Startups or growing companies need to hire fast and best. They can save their time by using a single test for various roles and focusing on more fundamental skills. It is better if they keep things more sorted and simple. Setting benchmark scores for programming tests help to screen out the candidates quickly.
  • Small-Size Companies: They focus on hiring as quickly as possible, keeping in mind the processes and workflows. They must incorporate objective measures as the first step in the interview process. Communicate with candidates to explain the importance of coding tests, which act as a way to showcase their skills to the hiring manager.
  • Mid-Size Companies: They generally cling to a set of guidelines and processes. For highly specialized roles, customized tests save a lot of time in the long run. Assessments ensure that everyone is well aware of their job, and they know when to do it.
  • Staffing Companies: Such companies emphasize on matching desirable candidates in accordance with companies. Increase or decrease threshold in accordance with the number of candidates that pass the assessments. The monitoring of data done regularly to ensure clients that you are sending the quality and efficient candidates. The key is to focus more on stats instead of on the code.

Online Tests over Traditional Coding Tests:

Online tests are gaining immense popularity and are more precise as compared to traditional coding tests. Traditional tests are inaccurate in terms of job fit for the candidate. A major difference witnessed in terms of workforce quality. Some points which make online programming tests differ from traditional coding tests are:

  • They are objective and bias-free
  • Screening of candidates on the basis of basic knowledge of coding
  • Gives preference on the basis of experience and other talents
  • Monitoring of tests through proctoring
  • Customizing tests according to specific skills.
  • Examine problem-solving abilities.

Tests Conducted In A Fair Manner:

  • Webcam Monitoring: All the candidates are monitored by a webcam so that they cannot communicate with others or makes use of a mobile phone.
  • Copy Detection: It implies if the codes of two persons are alike (about 85% similar). A red flag raised, which indicates plagiarism.
  • Option and Question Shuffling: Each candidate who appears for the test is given a smaller set of questions that are randomly selected from a big set of questions.
  • Window Proctoring: In this situation, the test window is proctored. If the candidate makes use of Google search, etc. warning is given, and if a person turns a deaf ear, the test ends immediately, and a red flag is raised.


Everything comes with its pros and cons. Multiple-choice questionnaires are not much better to assess the candidate’s knowledge and skills. The piles of papers collected also become a difficult and time-consuming task for the recruitment team. Overall, 20%-30% of students have good scores on MCQ tests as well as online coding tests. Remaining 70%-80% sometimes fail to express the knowledge and skills they actually possess.

Final Words:

These tests used to hire software engineers, coders, PHP, Java, Web, Python developers, and other programmers. They can have multiple levels. Questions are practically and scientifically applicable.  Since they rank out the candidates, it saves 75% of the time by interviewing only the best candidates. The best part is that they hire on the basis of skills, not resumes. Candidates have to prove themselves in terms of creativity, uniqueness, and problem-solving abilities. Overall, they play a great role in the recruiting process, which helps to find desirable candidates in the right place and time.





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