Collection of best Online Text Editor Better Then Notepad

Many people knows that Internet Explorer was the first browser to add a ‘designMode’, Mozilla and most browsers have now implemented this facility. Design mode allows to edit the formatted parts of a document. Online rich-text editors present (WYSIWYG) ‘what you see is what you get’ interface for editing rich text online within your web browsers. Today we have compiled list of best online text editors for you to use and enjoy!

1- Real-time HTML Editor

Real time Online Editor is simple and useful online HTML editor. One of the best feature of Real time editor is that It automatically corrects all the syntax problems with HTML scripts which the user makes during typing.

Best Online Text Editors

2- HTML Instant

HTML Instant is another free online HTML editor. HTML Instant is very useful for web developers also because it supports CSS and tables.

Best Online Text Editors

3- CKEditor

CKEditor is a text editor to be used inside web pages. It’s a WYSIWYG editor, which means that the text being edited on it looks as similar as possible to the results users have when publishing it. It brings to the web common editing features found on desktop editing applications like Microsoft Word and OpenOffice.

Best Online Text Editors

4- Web Wiz Rich Text Editor

Web Wiz Rich Text Editor (RTE) is a free WYSIWYG HTML Rich Text Editor that replaces standard textareas with an advanced Word style HTMLarea WYSIWYG Editor. The Web Wiz Rich Text Editor allows you to easily layout the content being entered into your textareas with real-time formatting such as bold, italic, fonts, etc. You can even upload and resize images, tables, attach files, paste from Word, and many other tools. The resulting source code is then submitted like any other textarea.

Best Online Text Editors

5- Mark It Up

MarkItUp! is not meant to be a “Full-Features-Out-of-the-Box”-editor. Instead it is a very lightweight, customizable and flexible engine made to meet the developer’s needs in their CMSes, blogs, forums or websites. markItUp! is not a WYSIWYG editor.

Best Online Text Editors

6- TinyMCE

TinyMCE is a platform independent web based Javascript HTML WYSIWYG editor control released as Open Source under LGPL by Moxiecode Systems AB. It has the ability to convert HTML TEXTAREA fields or other HTML elements to editor instances. TinyMCE is very easy to integrate into other Content Management Systems.

Best Online Text Editors

7- Yahoo Rich Text Editor

Yahoo rich text editor is one the best online text editor because it can also used on mobile browsers, so when you need to build a mobile app, this editor should be the first choice.

Best Online Text Editors

8- Cross Browser Rich Text Editor

The Cross-Browser Rich Text Editor includes table suppor as well as an option to generate xhtml-compliant code. It supports IE5.5+/Mozilla 1.3+/Firefox 0.6.1+/Netscape 7.1+/Mac Safari 1.3+/Opera 9+, or any other browser that fully supports designMode() for rich-text features. All other browsers will display a standard textarea box instead.

Best Online Text Editors

9- JSBin

JS Bin is a webapp specifically designed to help JavaScript and CSS folk test snippets of code, within some context, and debug the code collaboratively. JS Bin allows you to edit and test JavaScript and HTML.

Best Online Text Editors

10- DarkCopy

DarkCopy is for anyone who enjoys the simplicity of a typewriter, and wants to increase productivity by focusing only on writing. It was created as a free, web-based clone of WriteRoom.

Best Online Text Editors

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