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 What is diamond painting?

You may perhaps come across the term ‘Diamond Painting’, but do not know what it is all about. It is enjoyable and easy to perform activity meant for both the young and the old crafters. It is based upon the same concept as that of paint-by-numbers and mosaics. The diamond painting rather makes use of small ‘diamond-shaped facets to derive colorful patterns and designs, whose finished designs sparkle. The diamond painting becoming a rage and is taken as a hobby by many people. It is rather the new hobby of adult coloring – addictive, fun-filled and relaxing! There involved a three-step, simple procedure that is sure to offer hours of enjoyment allowing you to re-create your design. You can find kits in numerous styles and sizes offer crafters with different skill levels to have immense fun. The kits do make excellent gifts for your creative family members or crafty friends. Also, the finished products do make fabulous gifts to be presented to anyone.

What comes with the kit?

There are two different styles offered, viz.:

  • Partial Drill kit: This kit is where diamonds are applied in only specific areas of the painting. They are affordable when compared to full drill kits.
  • Full Drill kit: This kit is where diamonds are to be applied from one end to the other on the complete painting.
The kits tend to include everything that is necessary to complete the painting like the following:
  • Boat / tray
  • Wax strip
  • Pick pen
  • Drills / Diamonds
  • Canvas with painting
  • Tweezers (optional)
Drills / Diamonds – Know the different types

Generally, drills/diamonds exist in two basic shapes, namely:

  • Square drills: When placed upon the canvas this type of drill tightly knit and does not leave behind any space. But working with the same a bit tedious. Experienced diamond painters tend to use square drills for their painting projects over the round ones.
  • Round drills: These, when placed upon the canvas does leave behind some amount of space between them. However, it is much easier to work with them.

Square drills, as per many painting experts, offer a much better and beautiful painting. But the drilling quality will depend upon the place where the kit has been purchased or the price paid for the same. With more facets present on the diamonds, the much more shinier they expected to be. Brand Diamond Dotz, for example, comes with extra shiny diamonds, boasts of amazing quality. All painting kits of this brand have round drills. According to experts, it depends entirely on user patience and preference.

diamond painting
Image source: alibaba.com

The cost involved engaging in Diamond Painting

There are several top-rated web portals that do offer diamond painting kits over the web at discounted prices. Price ranges around $2 to $150+, which again depends upon the painting size. It also depends on when and from where you purchase the kits. The diamond painting lovers always spend money on it but it worths the result of what they get doing this.

Additional supplies and tools

It’s quite natural people get addicted to this type of painting and sure you do more than 6 kits. In such a case, you suggested purchase some additional supplies and tools, few of which are given below:

  • Pick-Me-Up Tool: This is a crucial wax pen as it helps to pick the diamonds quickly and easily.
  • Light Pad: At times, it is tough to read the symbols present in the painting. In this case, using a light pad can make the symbols pop up a bit more. This way, your eyes will experience less strain.
  • Multi-Pick Tool: Such tools often are provided along with the kit. In case, they are not present with the kit then you need to purchase them separately. It is really tricky to use these tools. But once learned, the process done much faster, especially for those large paintings. Also, they are available in 5 exciting sizes.
  • Storage containers: Diamonds packed in non-resealable bags. If you indulge in painting more than one, then you need to have an organization box to store your diamonds carefully. Small containers used for the purpose.
  • Additional Trays: If the plan is to paint a lot, then there is no need for investing in extra trays. This is because every kit is provided with a tray. Using multiple trays for one painting is sure to make the process seem faster. Also, the colors need not taken out constantly or put back every time there emerges a need to change colors.

What are the health benefits derived by pursuing Diamond Painting?

  • It helps the brain to focus better: It helps the brain to develop as well as follow certain patterns. Diamond painting action involves both creativity and logic.
  • Reduces anxiety & stress: Since we lead a hectic lifestyle and try to meet the intense demands of the workplace and home, it is quite natural for us to feel stressed out and anxious. Taking out some time for Diamond Painting or making it a hobby will allow you to relax and breathe freely. This activity indulged in as a small group or alone as desired. It is quite similar to meditation and allows you to free your brains from unnecessary thoughts. Rather you will be able to enjoy focusing on your project.
  • Fine-tunes motor skills: Trying to focus on a particular task for a longer time period does help to boost hand-to-eye coordination and concentration levels. With the tiles being just 2.5mm, there will be necessary plenty of hand-to-eye coordination to pick up the tiles using the tool and place it upon the canvas.
  • Boosts creativity: It actually stimulates the right hemisphere of your brain, associated with creativity and innovation. With creative outlet derived, you can actually get to bust your stress. Moreover, Diamond Painting provides you with the opportunity to create amazing art pieces that you can display proudly to your family members, friends, relatives, colleagues, and others.

Doing some research on the web will help you to gain more knowledge on the subject and to get started at the earliest!

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