music video maker app for android and iphone

How to install Music Video Maker App on my phone?

The need for an app to make any choice of video to audio for a phone user is generally increasing. People want to see themselves listening to music while they produce a video for it at the same time. So, general knowledge is needed in order to install a music video maker app.


What does Music Video App mean?

Music video maker app is a type of app that allows you to create self-made videos to any music of your choice. It basically involves selecting a series of pictures that you like and selecting any music of your own choice. After selection, the app then displays these pictures with the music you have selected playing as background music. The pictures then slide over one another. It is very simple to use and does not need any type of special IT skills. Kindly stay tuned as we will introduce you to the steps involved in how to install this simple but yet versatile app.


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Step by step instructions on how to install Music Video Maker App

  1. Google Play for Android Users:

    For most Android users, Google App Store is one of the best ways to download an app of your choice, especially music video maker in this case. It is easy and direct.

    i. Go to google play store on your phone (you don’t need to download the app store as it comes naturally with all android phone).

    google play store
    ii. You will see a search box at the top of the page it displays first as you open the app store.

    iii. Click and type “Music Video Maker” into the search box.
    google play store search for app

    iv. It will display a list of relevant apps, with your searched app staying at the top of the list.

    music video maker app for android
    music video maker app for android

    v. Click on the app.

    vi. It will bring the page for installation, click install.

    vii. Installation complete and guess what? Boom!!! You can enjoy the app after it has successfully downloaded.

  1. iTunes for IOS Users:

    For the iOS (Apple product) users, you can download the app on the apple store. The steps involved are similar to as discussed in the first step above.

    i. Go to the apple store on your iPhone.

    apple itunes app downloader

    ii. Type the name of the app in the search box.

    itunes music video downloader

    iii. Click on your file and install.

    music video maker or iphone
    music video maker or iphone

    iv. Enjoy your downloaded app.


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