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How to Create a Free Website

In this article: Find a service to create an own your website

Create a Website
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A lot of people have their own website. So why cannot you even have it, and maybe you have some income from this, why not do it? The free website-making service lets you easily create a website, and it is also immediately displayed on the web.


  1. Finding a Service

Website builder point
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A. Determine what kind of website you want to find:

The desire of your website will show that the hosting service you search through. If you want to do business through your website, then you need to know whether the host supports the online store or not. want to create a wiki, then there are many hosts present, which support the wiki, and maintain them. If you want to blog, blogging sites can also be created in a few minutes.

B. Get a free website creation service:

There are many options for you here; some good, some very nice, some cheap and some very expensive; It would be good for you to first compare the features of all these. Most sites offer free service only for a limited time, as well as display lots of ads on your site. It is likely that on your site, you will have a sub domain of the host site instead of your site (like instead of These are some of the popular free hosting sites:

 Word press; It’s great for blogs, from small to medium to every kind of site

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Drupal; From moderate to big site is right


Angel fire

Google Sites

Web node


           Wikia; Very good for wik

C. Compare the features of the service:

Every free host offers a variety of services for free rates. Most hosts limit the amount of data uploaded by you on the website and it is really very limited. This means if you want to create a photo and video site, then you will not be able to use this kind of free site.

There are also different rules for different free hosts to create online stores. If you want to make an e-commerce website, then please confirm that the service you choose will provide all the features as per your wish.

The limit on low bandwidth is also fixed on most free hosts. This means that the file hosts will not work as well.

Note that your host allows you to upload your website or not. Most free services have a tool to create web pages and do not allow you to upload your own code. But if you are looking to create your own site then make sure that your host is allowing this or not.

D. Choose the theme according to your business:

Browse from pre-made themes (sometimes also known as templates or styles); You can also use pre-existing themes on the software.

On many hosts, there is a special design for their site, which also holds the identity of the brand along with that host. So choose a design according to your website.

Theme according to your business
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E. Note also how much you are going to spend:

Even if it is made to be available in a service free, but to earn income through business, such as it will use ads, or Then you will be asked to upgrade it, so that you can use some new features, which you will get at the monthly cost. Whatever service you choose, just keep in mind what the monthly cost of upgrading it will be.


  1. Creating a Site

A. Sign up for an account:

You have to create an account for every free website host. If you want to upgrade your service in the future, according to the service, you have to add the information of the story.

Creating a Site
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B. Choose a suitable domain name from the existing options and buy:

The free website hardly permits you to create a sub domain on the host domain and provides a regular domain on the fly. Some free hosts allow you to use the existing domain name.

domain name from the existing options and buy
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You can also choose some top-level domain names ( on the yearly pitch and then connect this domain name to your free site too. Confirm that your service permits this or not. GoDaddy,,,, are examples of domain Registration Company.


C. Design your website:

A program available to create a website on almost every free website host is present, which allows you to create your own website. These programs allow you to choose between pre-made themes and allow you to choose from some CSS.

Programs that create such web pages allow you to add text and images without any collisions, and create an executive website in no time. Some give you the ability to drag and drop images directly on the site.

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A lot of free websites provide you with the tools to download an online website, without making any online editing programs. When you are making a website through their service, then you do not have to think about the FTP program or the cPanel program to upload your content to the site.

Many sites provide different types of tutorials for you to get acquainted with your site and learn how to use it as soon as possible.

If your web host allows this, you can upload your HTML files and create a website accordingly. If you want to upload your site, you will need an FTP program to access the server.


D. Add important content:

You have to tell your audience what you do or what you are selling and how do you do it (the story behind business), how you should contact and even more Information. Also plan to add more content to the future.


E. Publish your site:

Once you agree to the layout and content of your site, now you can promote your business! If you have a blog or any other area of declaration, then insert a post showing the actual purpose of the site and introduce yourself. In this way readers coming to your website will have a good experience and they will also get information about the site.


  1. Enhancing Your Site

Enhancing Your Site
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A. Start making content:

Those sites which are continuously added new and useful content, those sites are seen more often than a fixed site. Whatever you are doing through this site, just go ahead and make it better to help your readers get back to your site. Update on a timely basis so that your readers can know when they can get something new.

The best way to get more people to your site is to keep adding some good and fresh content to it. This way you will be able to attract more people to your site and also help to keep the users already existing.


B. To get some revenue from the site, place some ads on it:

But first of all, find out about this feature on your host because most of the free service providers give you the income from other places on your site. Do not allow the modes of connecting, especially when you are using the free service. You will benefit from advertisements on the site, but if these advertisements appear again and again, then this will be a problem for your readers.


C. Promote your site:

Once you become your site and you start putting content on it regularly, you can now start advertising your site. For this, spying on another website can display your site’s ad through a program like Google AdSense, or you can promote it on your own through social media, Facebook or Twitter.

Promote your website
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D. Search Engine Optimize your website (SEO):

You can also start by entering your website on the search engine. The search engine will match the content according to the user’s search by visiting your website. To attract more people to the site, you have to register it on every major search engine. The process of this depends on the search engine, but for all, you have to create a sitemap of your site.

Search Engine Optimize your website
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You can only give the URL of your site to Google (Google), or if you want to give sitemap.

Yahoo! For Bing, you can just give the URL or you can also sitemap in different ways. Sitemap should be in XML format.

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