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With the increasing spread of the internet, people are trying a number of ways for promoting their product or services. Pop-up is one such component which will make you view a new webpage from the pop-up menu. It normally executed over certain websites for promoting other services which are paying those websites for the said promotion. Even many of the browsers are providing a feature by which one can turn pop-up off. Get to know info on pop up blocker from here.

The pop-up opened is mainly delivered by the advertisers to showcase their ads. Many people who are surfing the internet consider them a nuisance, mainly because they don’t serve their purpose. One can block them by turning on the pop-up blocker feature which is available in the browser. It will help in ensuring that we are not seeing any of the unwanted pop-up ads which delivered by the advertisers.

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What is a pop-up blocker? And reasons for using it

There are a number of websites which are having pop-ups for the sole purpose of advertising. For a large number of users, the pop-up can turn out to be a nuisance. This is mainly because it can even hinder the normal functioning of the individual. One should turn the pop-up off to ensure that they are able to surf the internet without observing different kinds of ads.

Browsers are having the feature by which one can block the pop-up. It is available in the settings of the browser from where one can block them. This will make browser active for detecting whether a particular website which you are opening is having a pop-up. If the pop-up found on that website, then it will block that from appearing in front of you. One can thereby surf the internet with least amount of ads visible to them.

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Even third-party apps are also available which is providing the feature of pop-up blocker. One can enable them to ensure that there is ad filtering in their device. It also features a highly customizable pop-up filtering option which will make it most adequate to surf the internet. Some of the websites having pop-ups for guiding the users which also blocked by the browser. Some browser is having the feature of identifying the genuine pop-ups which can help you to have smart filtering.


Thus, we can say that pop-ups are the unwanted pages which meant for advertising. One can block them by choosing the appropriate settings from their browser. Even one can use the external applications to block certain kind of advertisements for improving your experience.

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