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Robocopy, so called in abbreviated form and whose full name is Robust File Copy, is a command line application for Windows whose function is to replicate data. The Robocopy tool has the same function as other familiar commands such as copy or xcopy, although the difference is that it is not a simple file copier, but was designed to copy folders and keep them the same as they were. It is an advanced file copying utility that can be as complex as we want it to be.robocopy testing

Advantages of using Robust File Copy

  • Tolerates interruptions in the copying of files due to power outages or connection Once the power is back, the copying process continues.
  • Perform automatic retries if a file cannot be accessed.
  • It allows to copy large amounts of files, impossible with XCOPY or another copy tool.
  • Shows progress indicator.
  • Allows multi-thread copying.
  • Correctly copies all the information such as properties, attributes, owner data, dates, etc. also keeps file permissions intact.

By using Robust Copy we can copy a simple directory or recursively copy a directory and all the subdirectories it contains. One of its main virtues is that it allows to automatically recover the progress of a file transfer after a network disconnection or error has occurred. It also stands out for allowing us to “selectively copy” objects based on whether they are new or have been updated from a date. Thus, Robocopy allows us to keep identical copies of a disk structure both on the same computer and in other network locations.

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Another positive aspect of the tool is that, if a file to be copied exists in two locations (origin and destination), by default Robust File Copy will copy the file only if both file versions are different in size and date of modification. Thus we save time if we are using it in an infrastructure with low performance or with limited data use.

Finally, we can specify if the copies will be restarted in the event of a failure and this also saves us time when the network connectivity is lost for some reason. When the tool finishes working it will show us a results report, which we can also configure to be recorded in a LOG file.

Copy Options to Robocopy

  1. /ZB – Restart-able/Backup Mode
  2. /COPYALL – All file information while copying and also includes the Security info.
  3. /LEV:n – It Copy the higher ‘n’ level from source
  4. /SEC – Copy with the Security.
  5. /B – Back-up Mode
  6. /Z – Restart Mode
  7. /S – Copying Sub-directories, it excludes empty ones

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Where can you find Robocopy?

Robocopy is included in all recent Microsoft operating systems, from Windows Vista and Windows 7 onwards, with support of course for Windows Server (where it is most used at first).

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