How to start a blog for making money online

Would you like to create your own blog for making money online? If you are a newbie and feeling lost then this is a complete guide for you. You’ll get to know the full information about how to create a blog on your own. At first, let’s get introduced to a blog.

A Blog

A blog is basically an online presence that gives the latest information regarding any subject. For example, businesses create a blog to inform the customers about new products and their community. On the other hand, personal blogs advise everyone about various topics related to personal life. People are making a lot of money with the help of blogging.

The best part about the blog is Google places them at the top of the major search engines. This is because blogs provide valuable information to the users. The best thing is now if you don’t know anything about coding, you can still build your own blog. Let’s check out how.

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Always domain name represents the nature of the business. With the help of free sites like,, or you can create your own blog. But it’s better if you get a domain first.

The preferred website to purchase a domain is GoDaddy. You just have to provide 10 bucks each year to get your desired domain. Apart from that, you can try BlueHost that offers domain for free. But you have to choose a hosting plan. Now you must be wondering what a hosting plan is? Let’s take a look.

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Hosting Plan

Hosting part is an important part to build your own blog. Think about a rented house. Just like that, you need to pay rent to keep your content on your website so that server can display those contents to the users. So, a reliable host is crucial for the accomplishment of the blog.

Now let’s check out how to choose the best hosting provider.

  • Keep in mind that your blog has to be available 24/7 to the users. So you should not prefer the hosts with many outages. Otherwise, you have to face a bad Google ranking.
  • Speed is crucial as users quickly leave those pages that take a lot of time to load. It entirely depends on the hosting server.
  • People think big price always provides better services. It’s not entirely true. Try to find something cheap because there are a lot of options available.
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WordPress is the best and the most natural part to start your blogging. If you want to add content, just click on Add new post. Similar wise, if you’re going to add an image you have to click on the same. In short, it comes with the most accessible CMS or content management system.

You can try BlueHost as it installs WordPress automatically during the installation process.

  • First of all, it’s free. Yes! You heard it right. It doesn’t come with a free trial and different paid options. It’s entirely free.
  • It is search engine friendly as Google loves it. You can even change the themes easily.
  • Everyone prefers WordPress so if you face any problem you don’t have to hire someone to solve it. Just ask Google, and you’ll get your answer.
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Make money out of it

You can make a lot of money out of blogging. You just have to choose the right niche.

  • Choose marketable products like Food Blog, Weight Loss Blog, Fitness and a lot more.
  • Avoid Celebrity Blogs, Art or Personal Blogs

In short, choose something that is clickable and interesting. You’ll surely get success.

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