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3 Vital Aspects to Audit before Selecting WordPress Hosting

  • It is essential for you as a WordPress website owner to ask the right questions and evaluate the right aspects before you on-board a WordPress Hosting plan. The post covers certain essential aspects we believe are mandatory to be evaluated for every WordPress Hosting offer you come across. Let’s get started!
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  • Security:

  • All websites need security and WordPress is no different. And since WordPress as a Content Management System (CMS) is based on Open Source architecture, your website’s security and data integrity can be compromised. Moreover, in WordPress development, you almost always need to integrate 3rd party Security WordPress plugins and themes. Which can add to the overall vulnerability of your website?
  • Always a strong security suite is very essential.  You and your IT team are responsible for your website’s security, the pressure is also on your WordPress Hosting provider. It is great to know what all security solutions Wp hosting provider offer within their WordPress Hosting plan. It also allows you to restore your website/database to a previous version.
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  • Ability to Upgrade CPU and RAM:

  • Easy scalability to add resources for the website as it grows with time. If you are limited by resources, processing power, the website resources falls short & it makes your website slow, or even lead to downtime.
  • In today’s world, website downtime is proportional to the loss of business. To avoid such a scenario, make sure your WordPress Hosting Provider offers the flexibility to upgrade resources like RAM and processors.
  • WordPress Maintenance:

  • The most important benefit of WordPress Hosting is low stress to keep the WordPress system in fine working condition. Check with your WordPress Hosting Provider if they take care of basic WordPress Maintenance. Maintenance such as comprehensive and regular system backups, automatic WordPress updates, and optimization of the WP-Database.  Backup which houses all your WordPress data like pages, posts, forms, comments, theme settings, plugin settings etc.
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  • Ensure such aspects taken care of within the WordPress Hosting Plan. WordPress Hosting provider may offer them in a different plan by the name of Managed WordPress Hosting, so it would make sense to evaluate that, as well.
  • Proper evaluation of these important points ensures that you don’t regret the decision of on-boarding a WordPress Hosting Provider. One other aspect that goes without saying is the price, but that depends upon the budgets you carry and the hosting provider across the table. In terms of functionality and features, the above items are of utmost importance. Hope these above-mentioned pointers provide you with an understanding of the vital characteristics considered while auditing WordPress Hosting.

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