HUnting survival kit

Top 5 Hunting Essentials

Hunting is one of the most loved physical activity loved by people since day one. Whether you are hunting purely to get food or just as a hobby, you are going to need some hunting essentials to make an effort successful. Even if you have the license for hunting, things might take a different turn then you have planned. Especially, when you have not done hunting on your own. Hitting the ground for the first time might be very exciting, you might be getting a full rush, but there is a lot more to learn and practice than just picking up the gun and your boots.

If you are going thick forest, make surebino to survive yourself, before you start hunting others. Here are the top five hunting essentials that you are going to need.


Survival of any living being is only possible if they have a constant supply of water. Before you decide to go out for a whole day, make sure that you have enough water supply. Always take a small bottle with you and whenever you come across a water source fill it up. When you are out on the ground, keep yourself hydrated at all costs. Especially when its summertime, make yourself a priority and then hunt others.

Pocket Knife

This is something that you will find in your survival gear. If you do not have one, you can get it from any nearby shop. A pocket knife is a must whether you are going on a hunting or not, if you are away from home, you are going to need it. Even if you don’t think that it is essential. Just keep one, and you are going to need it at every step. While you are choosing a pocket knife, make sure that it is of good quality. As per you are going to be out in the wild and you and your staff, will have to face several harsh conditions. Make sure that your pocket knife is not fragile and has sharp blades.

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Compass or a map

Even if you are going lonely or in a team. Always keep a compass or map with you. You might have everything plan, but it is not necessary that everything is going to be carried out as planned. You might get lost or lose track when you are out there. Mark the destination points and stay places on the map. Have a small compass with you all the time. If it is possible to make it into a locket and wear it all the time. Learn how to use direction and compass too.



Binoculars are a must when you a looking for a specific animal. You need to spot them from a long distance to make a move and set the position accordingly. Especially if you are long or short-sighted, you should keep them around your neck all the time. If you are looking for big or noticeable animals, they might not be required very often. But if your target is birds or small animals, you are going to need them almost all that time. Make sure that your binoculars have night vision too.

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If you are making a plan on staying in the field for over a night, the torch is a must. If you have a short time to arrange things and cannot manage it, choose another source of light like cell phone flashlights, etc. But I hope this is one of the important Hunting Essentials.  There are several DIY presents all over the internet that will help you make a flashlight or glow sticks from the things that are currently available.

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