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In modern world, a customer focus is transferred / shifted around online shopping. People place orders online for products from various regions and their orders are delivered to their homes or places where they want to deliver it. Based on different factors, the shopping experience varies. The Treatment and Convenience of a customer plays a vital role.

When it comes to online shopping, there are various websites that provide the place to find the best deals with offers. Check out the top 10 sites below to save big in online shopping!

  1. Brad’s Deals

Brad's Deals

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Brads Deals provides its services through web every day of the week all through the year. You can find the top and best deals on fashion, technology, home needs, pets and more all over the web. Brad’s Deals and their team help the customers in finding the best deals. They provide promo codes and coupons along with the deals from over 3,800 stores countywide.

Brad’s Deals Website:

Brad’s Deals Careers:

Brad’s Deals Facebook:

Brad’s Deals Twitter:

Brad’s Deals Customer Service Number: 877 970 0707

Brad’s Deals Customer Support:



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DealNews is a comparison and shopping website for consumer apparel, electronics and other deals and products including promo codes, expiration dates and shipping info of deals. Additionally it provides data driven reports for shopping, also includes deal predictions and various categories price benchmarks. The DealNews application (App) is available in both Android and IOS Versions.

DealNews Website:

DealNews Careers: dealnews-jobs

DealNews Facebook:

DealNews Twitter:

DealNews Customer Help:



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The Shopping Experience with Fatwallet is Unique. It provides deals and offers along with forums and also provides cashback on any purchase of deals. Signup is required to track your purchase and add your savings to your account. For big savings shop with Fatwallet!

Fatwallet Website:

Fatwallet Facebook:



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GottaDeal is an online shopping website which combines deals and forum together to collect great deals with best offers for both online and physical stores. Besides, they offer coupons and promo codes and help you save big!

GottaDeal Website:

GottaDeal Facebook:

GottaDeal Twitter:

GottaDeal Customer Support:

  1. Groupon


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Groupon provides you top local deals and offers on shopping, activities, restaurants and travel. As a global marketplace, it connects millions of customers and subscribers with local retailers and merchants in 45+ countries and 500+ cities. To get a great deal, Groupon has definitely become a popular choice.

Groupon Website:

Groupon Jobs:

Groupon Facebook:

Groupon Twitter:

Groupon Customer Helpline Number: 888 664 4482

Groupon Customer Help:

  1. Living Social

Living Social

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Living Social is same as Groupon. It is also a popular online marketplace which allows its customers and clients to shop and share things to do in their region or city. It now has 70+ million users all over the world.

Living Social Website:

Living Social Jobs:

Living Social Facebook:

Living Social Twitter:

Living Social Customer Care Number: 0203 308 9279

Living Social Customer Support:

  1. RetailMeNotRetailMeNot

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RetailMeNot supplies and distributes more than 500,000 coupons from 50,000+ stores in all retail categories along with accessories, baby products, automotive, clothing, beauty products, furniture, electronics, health, jewellery, home and garden, pets, toys, travel and photography.

RetailMeNot Website:

RetailMeNot Careers:

RetailMeNot Facebook:       

RetailMeNot Twitter:

RetailMeNot Customer Help:

  1. Slick Deals



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Slickdeals is a social e-commerce website featuring great deals and coupons from top retailers such as e-bay, Amazon, Macy’s and Walmart. It provides most of the Tech Items, but you can also get deals in apparel, jewellery and other categories.

Slick Deals Website:

Slick Deals Careers:

Slick Deals Facebook:

Slick Deals Twitter:

Slick Deals Customer Help:

  1. Woot


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Woot is a daily deals website which is purchased in 2010 by Amazon. It still behaves like a parent company and serves all types of deals. Gardeners, wine snobs and cooks find many on this website.

Woot Website:

Woot Careers:

Woot Facebook:

Woot Twitter:

Woot Customer Support:

  1. Clark Deals


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Clark Deals is a newly launched Website. It provides all the updated information on the top deals from all over the web. Check out the deals and savings website which is newly launched.

Clark Deals Website:

Clark Deals Facebook:

Clark Deals Twitter:

Clark Deals Customer Service:


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