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Have you ever heard of earning money and gift cards by completing simple tasks online? O getting cash back by shopping? If you are curious about it, there are different pages where you can do it. Today, we will show one of the pioneer reward programs, called MyPoints. We will explain you how to get free gift cards and cash through it.mypoints giftcards

What is MyPoints?

MyPoints is a reward program website with a large trajectory, as it was started in 1996, and it has different ways in which you earn points that you can redeem later to get gift cards for different websites, like free Amazon gift cards, or to get cash through a PayPal account.

How do I join MyPoints?

Start using MyPoints is very simple, you just have to go to their website,, and click on the button “join now” and complete the information of your profile. The process is really quick and free.

Besides using, the website you can also download the app on your phone so you can earn points and check your balance wherever you are.

You can get points just by joining the community and by downloading the app.

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How can I earn points?

Once you join the website, you will see that there are different ways in which you can earn points. Explore and find the one that suits you the most so you can earn as much points as possible. You have the following options:

  • Receiving emails. This is a very good option because it only takes a few minutes daily. If you enable this option you will get a few emails every day and the only thing you have to do to get points is opening the mail and clicking on the orange box you have there. This will give you 5 points. They may have an expiration time, so make sure to check regularly!

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  • Watching videos. There are different kinds of videos and you will get a point for each video that you watch. You can watch up to 75 videos daily.
  • Using the search toolbar. If you install and use the search toolbar of MyPoints, you will earn points for each search that you do. There is a limit of searches monthly.
  • There are hundreds of stores affiliated to this reward program, so every time you shop in one of them you will get a percentage of cash back. Check in MyPoints before placing an order.
  • Referring friends. You will get 25 points for each friend that accepts your invitation and 75 points if they spend $20 or more.
  • Doing surveys. The amount of points that you get depends on the survey, but you usually get points even if you don’t qualify.
  • Using coupons. If you print and redeem coupons, you will get points. The amount of points you get goes from 25 to 50 depending on the amount of coupons you redeem monthly.

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How do I redeem my points?

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There are three different ways to redeem your points. First, you can get gift cards for different stores, like Amazon, and the amount of points you need depends on the store. It is usually around 1600 points for $10 gift card.

You can also choose to send your money into your PayPal account, having $25 and $50 options.

Finally, you can get Visa prepaid cards, so you can spend the money where you want.

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MyPoints Customer Care Number: +1 415 200 4200

MyPoints Fax Number: +1 415 200 4422

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44 Montgomery Street-250,

San Francisco,

California, US-94104.

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