Did you ever need a lifesaver during Shopping?

Do you find it difficult and boring to search for shops for different items to buy? Provigo store is the lifesaver for you as everybody needs a one-stop-shop for all the groceries. Roaming stores to buy different groceries is a time-consuming task. Like everybody, if you also get tired of grocery shopping, Provigo is the place for you. Provigo gets you covered from toothpaste, soaps, and towels to meat, bread, milk, and cheese, etc.

The store has branches across Canada and Provigo Longueuil, Provigo Le Marche, and Provigo Boucherville serve the customers across the country. Provigo Le Marche offers a wide variety of products for consumers in a friendly environment. The quality is absolutely perfect and the hygiene standards are high. Provigo Boucherville is also highly competitive in the supermarket and retail industry.

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Shopping at Provigo:

Shopping at Provigo Longueuil is a charm because the shopping environment is perfect, communication is easy and the payment process is safe and secured. Provigo attempts to bridge the communication gaps between sales staff and customers by employing bilingual staff. The staff at Provigo is also knowledgeable and provides useful and relevant information about the products.

The store attempts to build a pleasant shopping environment by employing bilingual staff, maximum shopping hours, multiple and secured payment options, and spreading across Canada. Provigo provides maximum shopping hours and is never closed. There is nothing like a week’s holiday at Provigo. It offers maximum hours throughout the week to meet the consumers’ demand for groceries. Provigo hours are from 8:00 AM to 11:00 PM throughout the week.

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Provigo regional stores

Provigo and Provigo regional stores like Provigo Le Marche, Provigo Boucherville, and Provigo Longueuil, etc. attempt to serve the consumers across the country. It satisfies people’s need for groceries by providing almost everything under one roof. The network of Provigo stores spread across the country to serve different marketplaces. Special attention paid to customer services at the store to build trust with the customers. Provigo store hours are purposefully tailored to ensure maximum business throughout the week. We do not read about these wonderful grocery stores every day, do we? It is almost time to finish reading, pick your bag up, and go shop. Provigo store has it all for you and it gets you covered for a good period of time with minimum effort. Put simply, Provigo store is perfectly one of the best.

 Provigo Store Opening Hours

Monday. 8.00AM to 11.00PM
Tuesday. 8.00AM to 11.00PM
Wednesday. 8.00AM to 11.00PM
Thursday. 8.00AM to 11.00PM
Friday. 8.00AM to 11.00PM
Saturday. 8.00AM to 11.00PM
Sunday. 8.00AM to 11.00PM

Provigo store Website Address:

Provigo store Contact Number: 819-568-5545

Quebec Provigo  Toll Fee Number: 1-800-567-8683

Provigo Ontario Toll-Free Number: 1-800-296-2332

Fax Number Provigo: 905-861-2387

Provigo Online Grocery Toll-Free Number: 1-800-296-2332

Provigo Address Details

22 – rue des Flandres, 

– Gatineau, 

– QC J8T 4R7.

Provigo Customer Service Address

Loblaw Companies Ltd.

President’s choice circle, 

Brampton, Ontario – L6Y5S5.

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