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Every year, different companies and organizations offer discounts and free meals to veterans on Veterans Day, which is in November 11th, some of them are even valid for active militaries. O’Charley’s is a big restaurants chain in the United States that usually offers some kind of deal for militaries on Veterans Day, and contributes to the military in other ways.

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What offers O’Charley’s on Veterans Day?

Although it may not be the same ever year, O’Charley’s usually finds different ways to celebrate Veterans Day and reward militaries. Last year, there was an O’Charley’s free Veterans Day meal. They offered a free meal to both veterans and active militaries from their $9.99 menu. Militaries were able to choose between farmhouse chopped steak, home-style chicken pot pie, hand-battered fish and chips, Santa Fe tilapia, low country shrimp, chicken tenders and fries, and honey drizzled southern-fried chicken.

Also, O’Charley’s gave away gift cards to militaries through social media and discount coupon were given to veterans in the restaurants.

Are there any restrictions?

O’Charley’s has over 200 restaurants in the U.S so it is possible that the O’Charley’s free Veterans Day meal may not be available in all of them, that’s why is good to check if your nearest O’Charley’s will have it before going.

Something important is that you have to prove that you are a military to get the free meal, so you will have to bring your military ID. This is common in most places that offer this kind of things to veterans, this way they can be sure that only militaries are taking advantage of it.

Is that the only thing they do?

Besides the O’Charley’s free Veterans Day meal, this chain restaurant contributes in other ways to militaries and their families throughout the year.

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Last year, O’Charley’s raised over $130,000 for The Folder Flag Foundation, which is a non-profit organization that gives scholarships and gramts to the families of militaries and government employees that died because of a hostile action or accident during combat operation. In some of their restaurants across the country, 138 young people who received scholarships were honored.

O’Charley’s did it through a campaign called “Give $5, Get $5”. People who donated $5 received a discount coupon of $5 for the next time they went to O’Charley’s and ate something.

Militaries also have the benefit of having a discount of 10% all the year.

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Are they doing the same this year?

Promotions and discounts made by companies that are related to Veterans Days are usually announced around October, so be sure to check O’Charley’s social media to know what kind of promotion they will have this year.

Is O’Charley’s the only restaurant that does this?

O’Charley’s is not the only restaurant that does this. Several restaurant chains offer similar promotions every year on Veterans Day. They offer free meals, munchies and meal discounts.

Besides restaurants, other companies also offer these benefits. You could get discounts at clothing stores, free services like a free car wash or discounts when getting a membership in a club.

Also, parks, museums and other recreational places don’t charge anything to militaries when they visit them on Veterans Day, and many activities and tributes take place in public areas across the United States.

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