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Are you a website owner looking for supreme optimization so that your site becomes synonymous with the 1st rank on search engine results? Are you still confused about that one perfect SEO tool for you?
Well, luckily there is not just one but 4 must-have free SEO tools that will make any website stand out in no time!


It won’t be wrong to say that backlinks are the heart and soul of SEO. Just as the heart keeps pumping blood in your body, backlinks also make sure that your page keeps rising in ranks in all search engine results.
And if that’s not compelling enough, then the world’s leading search engine “Google” uses your backlinks count to authenticate your website, the more backlinks you have the better Google placement you gain.
A tool having such significance would generally come with a price but this backlink creation tool lets you do it free of charge.

free seo tools
free seo tools


Everyone desires to know where they rank. If they know this, only then can they do something about it. You should know how each page of your website is doing in rankings for different keywords. A higher ranking page not only means more traffic but also that it has the most relevant content.
By using “Pagerank checker”, a top SEO tool you can hit the bulls-eye twice by not only knowing your page rank but also how well the content is connecting to your audience.

3.Meta Tags Analyzer

Since everything has two sides, good and bad, so does this free SEO audit report tool called Meta Tags Analyzer.
It’s a great tool to determine what adwords and meta values could be the best for a webpage. It helps you target your audience better by not only analyzing your website itself, but by also sneaking into any competitors website and analyzing their meta data for you to evaluate and compare.

4.Server Status Checker

What if your website had been down all this while and you didn’t know? The server status checker free SEO tool helps you check the server status of a website and tells you whether you’re live or not. This one is especially useful since it enables you to check multiple websites at once.
The 4 SEO tools we mention are just the tip of the iceberg. If your running a website and want it to generate traffic on its own, you need to make sure that you use the right tools. And what could better than the right tools being available free of cost?

Check these top10 SEO tools online.

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