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Animated GIFs

One of the most popular virtual resources currently are the gifs; we find them on Facebook, on Reddit, on Adds, and on hundreds of other websites and social networks; they can contain memes, fragments of films, motivating phrases, etc., and what makes them so popular is that they are moving images, like small fragments of the video but with the lightweight of an image. But in-depth, what does a gif mean? How is it made? Join us and discover the magic of these moving images in this brief review about the Animated Gifs.

What is an Animated Gif?

The word Gif is actually acronyms that mean: “Graphics interchange format” which distinguishes a type of light graphic format for the computer. This format passes through an encoding called the Graphics Control Extension (GCE). So a series of images in GIF format (also known as frames) follow each other in sequence with a determined time between each one. Thus creating the illusion of movement happens like a video file, but animated gifs reproduced in their own graphic extension. It is much lighter than the one of an average video, because it covers fewer pixels and colors, specifically up to 256 colors.

An animated Gif has the ability to play in a loop or to stop in the last frame of the sequence, and this is determined in the creation process.

Different uses for Animated Gifs

Because of lightweight and dynamic format, Animated gifs used for decades and still used for various purposes in electronic messaging systems and in all types of web pages.

One of the first uses that were given to the Animated Gifs was advertising. By the time the Gifs began to use (early ’90s), Internet users not used to see advertising on the move, unless they were Flash pages, which were too heavy for an internet speed of the time, so the Gifs images came revolutionizing the web pages and attracting the attention of all users towards the offer of products and services, a situation that continues until today.

The difference is that now the moving Gifs have become so popular and necessary in the modern social exchange that anyone can create them with the help of programs such as photoshop, web pages like GfyCat or with applications for Android devices, and they are, like emoticons, in practically all spaces on the internet.

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