Free Online Games

Free Online Games

A game is any competitive or challenging activity or sport that is played by rules, usually undertaken for amusement or fun. A game can be also used as an educational tool and for entertainment; it could be played for rewards or achievements. There are different kinds of games, some are played alone, some are played as a team, and some are played against each other.


Type of Games

There are various types of games which can be played physically or on online platforms. A game normally involves physical or mental stimulation and serves as a form of exercise, educational tool, or for psychological or stimulation purposes. Some games assist in developing practical skills too. Below are the various types of games.

Multi-player online games

These kinds of games are played online via the Internet such as the HTML5 games. These are free online games one can play with other players online; you can play against other players from anywhere in the world. Html games are cross-platform and can be played on a PC or mobile phone or tablets.


These kinds of games deal with having control of real-world vehicles, such as ships, tanks, and aircraft. The player learns how to control such vehicles. Simulations games are can be used to train professionals; pilots are trained by the use of plane simulator before they can start using a plane.

Puzzle game

Puzzle games are games for those who enjoy solving a difficult puzzle. They are logical games without any actions involved. It has different levels from beginners to experts.

Action games

Action games are games for those who enjoy fast-paced games; the player needs to have good reflexes if you want to enjoy an action game. It involves fighting with the enemy using a character of your choice.

Sport games

Sports games are for sports lovers or if you enjoy playing sports games, you can play real sports games such as soccer games, baseball, basketball, head soccer, tennis etc. They have various tournaments just like a real sport; you have the opportunity to choose your favorite teams with their players. Soccer games are the most popular and highest selling sports games in the world.

Educational games
Free online games
Free online games

Educational games boost an individual’s learning process; it comes with questions and answers options. Educational games are common in math, ICT, and science.

Stealth shooter

These are usually spy based or war games, where the player makes use of stealth in other to defeat his or her enemies.


This is a kind of game where you fight one on one with an available opponent, the player needs good reflexes, skills, and character special moves in other to defeat his opponents and advance to the next one.

Benefits of playing the game

• Increases the player’s memory capacity
Games usually revolve around the use of memory in other to scale through a failed stage. Hence playing a game helps to increase a player’s memory capacity.
• Computer and simulation fluency
Playing online games on the Internet helps the player to be computer and simulation fluent.
• Assist with quick strategic thinking and problem-solving.
Some game requires the player to think quickly; hence, the player has to use logic to think two or three steps ahead to be able to complete a level.
• Develops hand-eye coordination.
Some game requires the player to make use of gamepad or keyboard or mouse to operate, helps to develop hand-eye coordination.
• Skill building (map reading)
Some action or adventure games contain maps which the player will have to read, helps the player’s map reading skills.

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