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Every business process in this day and age is digital, emails sent out, contracts signed, conferences attended, and even networking could be done in just a matter of clicks. Yet one aspect remains physical, and that’s the business card. 

In this age of the internet, despite being a simple tool, business cards still have a considerable impact on your business success. Given its comparatively smaller size, a business card could become vital to your business growth as it is frequently handed over to prospects and clients and can be a highly customized form of marketing.

Below are six reasons why business cards are essential and why you should often have a pocket full of such cards. 


Business cards increase your professionalism and your overall repertoire by sending a message that “you know what you are doing.” Also, giving someone an actual card in person is way more professional than just giving your phone number.

Thus, when you happen to walk around, and you have something to give to people, it shows them that you are dedicated to whatever your craft or business is. It is all those subtle undertones that come with handing someone something that’s committed to what you are doing versus entering it into a flow, that makes the difference.


Business cards give you a chance to show off your brand and style. It gives people an initial taste of what you are like, and that, in turn, would draw them in further by checking on your website, your Instagram, and checking you out more in detail. 

So if you could walk up with a card that got an awesome font on it, a cool logo, clean, neat, and well designed. It will give you that opportunity to show off yourself through a graphic. That is a  factor that can lead people from a creative process to meeting them and eventually pull them closer to your business. 

White blank business card. Office table desk with set of colorful supplies, cup, pen, pencils, flower, notes, cards on beige desk table background. Top view and copy space for ad text
White blank business card. Office table desk with set of colorful supplies, cup, pen, pencils, flower, notes, cards on beige desk table background. Top view and copy space for ad text.

A reputably printed card in a quality paper gives people an idea of the specifics of your business. You may think of your business card as a pamphlet that advertises your business, a  unique design or a creative logo gives an edge for your business card to stand out

Provide some tag line on your card and include a rundown of what your business is selling. Else build a two-sided card that provides information that invites your prospects to contact you. Also, make sure to add details of your website on your card to let your clients know more about your business.  


Business cards, in a variety of situations, can be feasible networking tools. Because networking is about initial contact with potential customers or individuals; therefore, business cards are a perfect way of introducing yourself and what your business offers. 

Try to keep an enticing keeper that holds your business cards with you. It helps you when engaging in corporate events like trade shows or business conferences. Do not neglect social gatherings as a manner to make an impression using your business cards. 


To create a strong impact during face-to-face meetings, giving your clients your business card is a commendable move. 

Business cards hold much information more than a telephone or email address. It is easier to send a business card rather than inserting data in a digital device at every introduction. 

Aside from enabling a longer time to talk, business cards will include data about your location, phone numbers. Yet, advised that you should go beyond the basics of making your business cards. Try to include company websites, and social networking sites, such as Facebook or Twitter. It makes your card more interesting and your business more reachable.


There would be instances when the limited time is given that all you can do is to introduce yourself.. Handing someone a business card at situations like these would fix the problem for you. 

Not everybody depends on electronic devices, such as smartphones and tablets, or is confident in using them. Because of that, business cards are an essential resource to make clients conscious about where to reach out. Also, certain people do enjoy more conventional ways of correspondence and expect to share business cards rather than receiving personal messages or emails.

Final Thoughts

The right business cards make a great first impression and also act as a great icebreaker. In dealing with prospects and clients, understanding that people you are trying to build relationships with, or the market that you might be targeting, and many other factors alter the context of your business dramatically. A business card screams legitimacy, professionalism, and dedication.  

Take heed of the six reasons why you need a business card? Go through the above points and take necessary actions to put all those plans to work and get your business running and on fire.


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