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Windows Movie Maker is a special kind of application which is used to editing any kind of video. There are many other positive prospects of the Movie Maker app. We can also publish edit videos on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, etc. a question arises by many followers of movie maker that how to use Movie Maker.

It may be also that how to use Windows Movie Maker Windows 8. Movie Maker can easily be downloaded and installed on Windows 8. Users watch many videos and Windows Movie Maker tutorials to learn the proper method of using it. First Movie Maker was introduced in 2000. To edit a video, you need to install the app on your PC.

Step by step installation guide

To install the Movie Maker follow these simple steps.

install windows movie maker
install windows movie maker
  1. First of all, download the Essential file to begin setup.
  2. Then click on this setup file and browse it any suitable place in your PC.
  3. After it, you will need to press Yes keyword. It allows the opening of the Essentials file. Then install it.
  4. In the bottom, there will be an icon that will be keeping you aware that which file is installing and what is the current percentage of the installing file.
Windows movie maker installation steps
Windows movie maker installation

How much Windows Movie Maker tutorials are helpful?

These tutorials provide you a linear sequence to edit a video or a movie. After installation of the Movie Maker, you should use the following easy step to edit or trim your video.

  • Firstly, If you want to edit, you will have to import a video or a movie to your Movie Maker.
import video to movie maker
import video to movie maker
  • Then you will need to press open this video. Selection of more photos and video clips is optional.
Upload more photos or videos
Upload more photos or videos
  • After it, you will be able to add a music track in your video by selecting a track from your PC.
  • Video’s own background music or sound can be muted if you want.
windows movie maker add audio
windows movie maker add audio
  • Here you can edit your photos by using themes, effects, and adding text to it.
  • After it, you can apply many things to your videos like video title, adjustment, filters, background, etc.
  • There are great variations in effect, themes, and filters. You can choose whatever you want.
  • After applying all the things you will need to save or export the edited video in your PC.
Export video or save video from windows movie maker
Export video or save video from windows movie maker

So, in the same manner, one can easily edit and add effects to its video.

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