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With the advent and spread of internet, numbers of operations are now requiring the use of robots to reduce the human burden. These robots developed for simplifying a number of operations which performed on the internet. Even many of the operations will automate by their use. It will lead to improved productivity over those operations which handled by those robots. Get to know more about the Bot from here.

what is an internet bot

The word bots derived from the word robot. It is basically an application which is performing the tasks which are quite simple and repetitive. This will lead to a substantial reduction in the time consumed of the human who involved with the task. Even tasks which impossible to perform by humans can handle quite effectively by these bots.

What is a bot? A brief overview of bots

One can use computer bots for a number of tasks to improve productivity, but it used repetitively for malicious purpose. It required to take proper actions against them to improve the overall security of the users who are surfing the internet. The best example of the Internet Robot is a search engine spider. These robots are provided the capability of reading the number of pages on the internet and then indexing them.

what is a bot

Normally malicious bots and troll bots are coming as a part of the virus or worm to one’s PC as a threat. Even it can have a launch denial of service attack over targeted computers. One such questionable use of these bots is performing the operation of harvesting the email addresses. Spam and unwanted emails will send over these email addresses which collected by means of these services.

Even some of the websites are using bots for promoting shopping deals. In such cases, bots will be performing an operation similar to the search engine spiders. It will filter relevant shopping deals based on the search trait of the user to display it to them. Many of the shopping websites are trying to ban these kinds of services. As compared to that, creators of such robots are considering that they are simply providing better service to its users.


computer bots

Thus, we can say that Bots basically designed to simplify the human processes. Still, there few of the robots which used for spreading malicious programs. One should careful while using the robot as it can help and a disaster too for a number of individuals. It required that we take due care while using these kinds of robots for performing a certain kind of operation.

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