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Dank Memes

Memes are very popular in Social Media. These funny pictures make us laugh every time we see them. Their natural humor makes them special but, even in these days; we do not truly know what these cool memes are, when or where they were originated. Here, you are going to learn some things you should know about dank memes, specifically.dank memes wiki

What are dank memes?

These are ironic expressions that describe online viral media and in-jokes visual contents that are intentionally bizarre. The majority of times their comedic value turns cliché or trite. This case, the phrase “dank”, it does not have its original meaning that attributed to the top quality marijuana. “Dank” used as the synonym for the word “cool”. The origin of the phrase unknown. Many people have speculated that Dank Memes are originated from Reddit or from the montage parody community on YouTube. “Spicy meme” is a popular variation of the term “dank meme”. This form of the term has used since as early as 2014. Dank memes are usually very witty but, sometimes they can be cruel.

What is Reddit?dank wiki

Reddit is a social news aggregation website. It ranks different types of content based on a scoring system controlled by user votes.  These users have frequently denominated “Redditors” and they have also referred as “one of the most influential communities on the Internet”. This site has played a significant role in the creation and spread of Internet dank memes and memes in general. The website created and launched in 2005 by Steve Huffman and Alexis Ohanian when they were both just 22-years-old.reddit dank memes

An interesting fact is that Russia added Reddit to its blacklist of banned websites in 2015. Russia argued the content that Reddit shows could promote drug usage. In 2017, Reddit announced some regulations in order to omit violent content. Any content that could incite violence or hate against an individual or group of people will banned.  Abuse of animals on the site would be subject of moderation, too.

Dank memes are very popular in Reddit website. Even the content of dank memes usually related to a personality, a group of people or a situation, they are allowed because of their figurative sense. The meaning of the dank memes it is not necessarily literal. The objective is to entertain people and push them to think about a taboo topic.

To know your Meme, visit: https://knowyourmeme.com/memes/dank-memes

Reddit Dant Memes: https://www.reddit.com/r/dankmemes

Facebook Dank Memes: https://www.facebook.com/PlaceForMemes

For more about the Dant Meme: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dank

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