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How can I find out who called me for free

In 2016, imposters were the top fraud of the year around the world. Importers have called many people pretending to be anyone else for getting your money as quickly as possible. Probably, you have checked your phone and you have noticed missed calls. At that moment, you ask yourself  “Who is calling me from this number?” but, you are too scared to find it out. These impostors are trying to get closer to you by pretending they are someone else, for example, a family member in trouble, fake technicians for your computer or business sellers.

who called you
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Find out who called you. Solve the mystery

Impostors can camouflage their real phone numbers and make you think you can find them easily, but it is not so simple. Sometimes localize a recurring unknown phone number can be expensive and dangerous. There are apps like Caller-Id by Greenlight Venture Corporation. These are good gadgets. An easy way to find out if an annoying telemarketer is calling you or give you information on some phones and cell phone numbers that are public. However, when we talk about the “villain” of the story, we need better alternatives to know who calls us. We are familiar with the Hollywood version of tracing phone calls where the hero struggles to keep taking with the villains in order to trace the call. In real life, this is not necessary.

who calls me
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How to Protect Yourself?

Learn how to protect yourself. Stop thinking, “how can I find out who called me for free? Here are some tips for you:

  • Evaluate your missed calls history. It is particularly disturbing when an unknown number call your phone and hang up without leaving a message, or even worse when the same number will not stop calling you the following days. Pay attention to this signs and appeal for action before it was too late.
  • Be careful and avoid the temptation to answer or recall when you do not recognize the phone number. Predators randomly call numbers to find new victims, stalkers use cellphones to assault their prey, and telemarketers can be too annoying. Nonetheless, an unknown number is not always dangerous. Maybe your credit card company asking you some important data or a cute boy you met last night.
  • Investigate the area code. This way you can know the localization of the phone number according to the present relation between some places and phone numbers
  • Use Facebook if you are interested to know who called you from that unknown phone number. Social Media can be useful to trace unknown phone numbers. Do not miss this option.

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