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Visit One of The Oldest Seafood Restaurant, Red Lobster Canada

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Tasting seafood is never wrong when you are craving it. When you are drooling about seafood, then there must be wide selection of seafood like you have seen before. Sometimes, having wide selection is not always good too because the menu cannot be focused or specialized. However, there are many restaurants that focus on one menu and then they still got the long line. It does happen on Red Lobster Canada too because the line is long and yet they don’t serve many menus because their specialty is lobster.  Lobster has been the most favorite thing after crab because we all know that the meat is the richest that you cannot find in another seafood menu like crab, sea shell and more. Lobster will not put you to take big effort on eating it because the meat is already rich. The most important when you love Seafood so much and you are drooling to eat one of them, then Red Lobster is the answer. You must know that this restaurant might be common or there is nothing special about it, but Lobster is never wrong especially when the chef cooks it with love and it is so recommended in this restaurant. Before you explore it and get the menu, you may need to see the story on Red Lobster Canada that you may not know before, however, it is easy to drag you to here because it is so delicious and no doubt about it. Here is their detail you have to know before attending the special day and celebrate it in eating together in good restaurant at least.

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Long story short, this Seafood restaurant existed since 1968. They commit to always serve the foods with fresh sea animals. They have been serving the high-quality food from high-quality ingredient since 40 years ago. The menu is various because you can find fish and chips and more. There are lot of menus you can choose, but their signature dish as cute as the name of this restaurant is lobster. You can find several kinds of lobster foods and you may be confused to choose which one is good for your kids. Don’t worry about that because they also serve menu for kids so you can chill when you are enjoying others. Imagine when you have to push your kids to eat seafood a lot, it might take the buyer to be broke, but it is not pretty hard to make sure that all of the menus are affordable.

The unique thing about Red Lobster Canada is that it is in Canada and nearly to open the outlet in other countries you may haven’t heard before. 40 Red Lobster is around and you can pick where to eat without being dizzy because you have to choose where to go. There is no dominant restaurant under the name of Red Lobster Canada because they work in team so the taste is consistent and it is still different than other restaurants.

Red Lobster Locations

ALBERTA Niagara Falls
CalgaryEdmonton Oshawa
ReginaSaskatoon Peterborough
ONTARIO Scarborough
Brampton Sudbury
Brantford Thornhill
Burlington Toronto
Etobicoke Windsor
Kingston Barrie
Kitchener Nepean
Mississauga Winnipeg

Red Lobster Store Timings

Monday. 11.00AM to 10.00PM
Tuesday. 11.00AM to 10.00PM
Wednesday. 11.00AM to 10.00PM
Thursday. 11.00AM to 10.00PM
Friday. 11.00AM to 11.00PM
Saturday. 11.00AM to 11.00PM
Sunday. 11.00AM to 10.00PM

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Red Lobster Contact Number: 780 484-0660

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